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 Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sarge and Re are HAVING A BABY BOY!! (In case you are new to the program and have not met Re and Sarge go here, here, and here to meet them!) I have not written about this yet because...well....I was a little superstitious. Without going into much detail I was concerned because it took a little bit of time and lots of practice before Orville (that is what I am calling him until something better comes up)decided to show up on the scene. So with this being their first child together and Re's first baby I have been thinking about little O.

I WONDER if he will have Sarge's wonderful sense of humor.
I HOPE he has his dad's athletic ability and not his mom's.
I KNOW that he will be able to "drop it like it's hot"!

I WONDER if he will be a cop like his daddy or a drug dealer like his mama.
I HOPE that he will grow up knowing his Aunt Kelly and Uncle Shaun.
I KNOW that he will have a loving and caring family.

I WONDER if he will be a social butterfly like both of his parents.
I HOPE he gets the gift of gab from him mama.
I KNOW that Sarge and Re will make sure he knows all about his Uncle Jason and Grandpa Kevin.

I WONDER who he will look like.
I HOPE that Taylor doesn't beat him up too much.
I KNOW that he will love everything MARDI GRAS, New Orleans, and Southern Miss.

I WONDER what type of man he will turn out to be.
I HOPE and pray to God that he does not have Colic!!!
I KNOW that he will have a wonderful Big Brother in Bailey.

I WONDER if his first word will be a four letter word!?
I HOPE he doesn't hate roller coasters like his parents.
I KNOW that he will be spoiled rotten but will get his booty tore up if he ever disrespects a lady!!

I WONDER if he will get his Dad's writing ability (Go here and check out his blog).
I HOPE he knows how truly lucky he is to have Re as his Mama!
I KNOW that he is truly a blessing from God!

No. 1 I am grateful that God has blessed Sarge and Re with the gift of a baby boy.
No. 2 I am grateful that I went first, so now I can understand all that she is going through and hopefully help out when I can. If not in person via phone calls, text, emails, etc.
No. 3 I am grateful today is Wednesday and the week is almost over.

Thanks for caring,



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