LD Day2

 Thursday, April 30, 2009

Day2: Love is Kind-

"In addition to saying nothing negative to your spouse again today, do at least one unexpected gesture as an act of kindness."

"What discoveries about love did you make today? What specifically did you do in this dare? How did you show kindness?

No. 1 I am grateful that Hubby got the pins out of his foot. FINALLY!!
No. 2 I am grateful that my MIL agreed to keep Tay Saturday night so Hubby and I can have "date night."
No. 3 I am grateful that Tay is being cooperative when I put "ponies" in her hair. She is so effing cute with pony tails!

Thanks for caring,



 Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hubby and I have decided to take THE LOVE DARE. No, we have not seen the movie Fireproof, we probably should, but I think just reading the book together is a great start!

This forty day journey cannot be taken lightly. It is a challenging and often difficult process, but an incredibly fulfilling one. To take this dare requires a resolute mind and a steadfast determination. It is not meant to be sampled or briefly tested, and those who quit early will forfeit the greatest benefits. If you will commit to a day at at time for forty days, the results could change your life and your marriage. Consider it a dare, from others who have done it before you."

"DAY 1: Love is Patient-
The first part of this dare is fairly simple. Although love is communicated in a number of ways, our words often reflect the condition of our heart. For the next day, resolve to demonstrate patience and to say nothing negative to your spouse at all. If the temptation arises, choose not to say anything. It's better to hold your tongue than to say something you'll regret!

Did anything happen today to cause anger toward your mate?
Were you tempted to think disapproving thoughts and to let them come out in words?"

(excerpt taken from the book THE LOVE DARE)

My blog will not turn into the Carty's do THE LOVE DARE, I promise. I just wanted to let y'all know what we are attempting in our lives and will report the outcome. I will, however, be posting the dare of the day, for you who want to know.

No. 1 I am grateful that Hubby is open to taking the DARE with me.
No. 2 I am grateful that Hubby is trying to plan a date for us on Saturday night (and it's not to the mattress ball-Ha)
No. 3 I am grateful that Hubby is such a kind and loving man.
Thanks for caring,


Just a sample

I am still recovering from this past weekend. Friday night we went to a Crawfish boil! They were delicious! Tay did not get to sample any crawfish but she did have fun playing with her cousins, Emma and Peyton.
Here are some pics from the night. Tay had to give her cousin P a BIG hug when she saw her. P decided to kick up her feet and just hangout! I have no idea who taught my daughter to drink with her entire face in the glass!




Tay and E hanging out and gossipping. The last picture was a futile attempt at trying to get all three girls looking at the same time for the picture. T and P were more interested in the boys playing basketball!



aturday we were VERY COURAGEOUS parents and took Tay to Jazz Fest. James Taylor played Saturday evening and we thought Tay would enjoy the festival. She had a blast. Lil Mama and Big Papa came with Baby Mitch. It was a hot day but we made sure to slather the babies up every 45 minutes with SPF 50! If you would have told me 5 years ago that I one day would be attending Jazz Fest with 8 million bags full of crap, a stroller, juice boxes, an octopus bubble machine, all for a 2 year old that I was willingly bringing to Jazz Fest I would have laughed in your face. My, how things change. This is just a small sample of the pics from Jazz Fest. I will do an entire post with just pics from the Fest.



Sunday we went to Tay’s Godfather’s house and hung out and grilled up some good food! Later that evening we went and played a little co-rec volleyball. It was fun to get out and do some exercising. Tay did not think so. Hubby is still having issues from his surgery so he could not play volleyball so the plan was for him to play with and entertain Taylor while I played volleyball. Tay had a VERY different plan. As soon as I stepped onto the court to play she wanted to stand next to me. She did not stop screaming “MOMMY, MOMMY, MAMA” the entire game. Oh, and with HUGE crocodile tears streaming down her face! Hubby had to take Tay outside and did not get to see ANY of the game. Needless, to say if I play next week Tay and Hubby will not be attending!

No. 1 I am grateful that it did not rain for the Jazz Festival.
No. 2 I am grateful that Hubby agreeded to drive both Friday and Saturday.
No. 3 I am grateful that I live in South Louisiana and can enjoy GREAT CRAWFISH!

Thanks for caring,



 Friday, April 24, 2009

This is my 100th post and in keeping with everyone else I am doing my meme list of 100. Warning: My list is very random. There is absolutely NO method to my madness.

1. I am the classic 1st child.

2. I married the classic middle child.

3. I miss playing softball everyday of my life.

4. I am a better mom than I thought I would be.

5. I LOURVE eighties music.

6. I could NEVER work in the medical field.

7. French Fries is/are my favorite food.

8. But, I could eat red beans and rice everyday for the rest of my life. Blue Runner of course.

9. I really need a VACAY.

10. I hate struggling every week to pay the bills.

11. I wish I was a girlie-girl.

12. I want to organize my house.

13. Mardi Gras is one of my Most favorite times of the year!

14. Dr. Pepper is the BEST drink in the world, non alcoholic.

15. One day I will visit Europe.

16. Freshman year in High School I tried out for the dance team.

17. Didn't make it.

18. Sophomore year in High School I tried out for the cheer leading squad.

19. Didn't make it.

20. Junior year in High School I tried out for the Volley Ball team.

21. Didn't make it.

22. Played tennis my junior year.....didn't have to try out!

23. Did not get asked to Homecoming my Freshman year.

24. Was on the Homecoming Court my Senior year.

25. I have the world's BEST GIRL FRIENDS.

26. I love the time I spend with them.

27. I am glad that Sissy and I have gotten closer over the years!

28. Wayne's World is one of the BEST (comedy) movies EVER!

29. I could watch The Notebook over and over and never get bored.

30. I think I have seen Overboard-you know the Goldie Hawn movie-at least 513 times!

31. I am incredibly insecure!

32. With a good enough book, I could sit and read for 24 hours straight.

33. I miss living in Charleston, South Carolina everyday!

34. I do not fight fair!

35. Hubby hates this about me.

36.I have the BEST FRIENDS in the world.

37. I went to Savannah, Ga. for my bachelorette weekend and saw a lady urinate on herself while on stage!

38. Got in trouble at work for being on Facebook to much.

39. It was only 2 mos ago.

40. I miss college and living in SHITTY dorms. (Re-Remember the shaky elevator and the blueberry candle!)

41. I lead with emotion not logic.

42. I love my daughter moreand more every second of every day.

43. I still feel guilty for my postpartum thoughts!

44. I have never been on a cruise.

45. I am so white I think I glow in the dark.

46. The tannest (is that a word) I have ever been was when we lived in Orlando.

47. I use to dress up as the Easter bunny (head, feet and all) and deliver Easter baskets to resort guests via golf-cart!

48. This is why I HATE the macarena.

49. I once had a 6 year old tell her dad he wanted him to buy her some "boobs" like mine-AWKWARD!

50. I miss my friend "Marie"

51. I wish she wasn't so damn selfish

52. I wish my mother would call me more!

53. I secretly miss working at American Eagle-sometimes!!

54. I am going to a Crawfish Boil Tomorrow!

55. The older I get the more lactose Intolerant I get!

56. I saw Faith No More, Metallica, and Guns N Roses at the Superdome when i was in High School.

57. The first concert I went to was Whitney Houston.

58. The last concert I have been to was Britney Spears!


60. I secretly like some country music.

61. Have seen Alabama, Dave Matthews Band, Indigo Girls, Pearl Jam, Jack Johnson and Ben Harper in concert. (Not at the same time!)

62. I could NEVER EVER be a SAHM!

63. I wish I had listened when Papa told those "boring" stories of his times during WWII!

64. He was a Fighter Pilot.

65. I have his bronzed headset.

66. Sissy has bought more clothes for Tay than I have.

67. In high school I once drank an entire bottle of peppermint schnapps!

68. I had to go homecoming dress shopping with my mom the next day!


70. I was hungover for 3 days!

71. Did the same thing with Cinnamon Schnapps.

72. I think I am allergic to cinnamon now. Can't even chew cinnamon gum 15 years later.

73. I have the BEST husband in the world.

74. He is the love of my life.

75. I never thought I would marry a "nice guy"

76. But I did!

77. I think he is the son my dad never had.

78. I HATE sand!

79. My wedding day was the BEST day of my life.

80. 2nd only to the day Taylor was born!

81. I still miss "that" mixed tape.

82. My toenails are painted 99% of the time.

83. Plain toe nails are gross!

84. Feet in general gross me out!

85. I only take off my watch and wedding rings to take a shower. I even sleep with them on.

86. I wish I could go back and talk to my younger self.

87. I would tell myself MANY MANY things.

88. Mainly to SLOW down., and to stop being so damn insecure

89. Blue is my favorite color.

90. My father makes the best popcorn in the world. On top of the stove, of course.

91. My mother is one of the strongest women I know!

92. I drove a stick shift for 10 years. I miss it sometimes!

93. Hubby is teaching me how to love myself.

94. The smell of burning leaves is heaven too me.

95. Mosquitoes love me.

96. Twinkle lights make everything pretty!

97. I cannot go into a book store and buy just one book. I must buy several!

98. Did I mention that my girl friends rock?

99. I know every word to every song in the movie Little Mermaid. I had the soundtrack on tape in high school.

100. I am glad I did that!

Thank you for the few of you who stuck around to read this insanely long and boring post! Thank you to all of my followers! Please, Please, Please leave me comments. If you do not have a blog you can do so anonymously and leave your name at the bottom. I NEED to know that y'all are out there.

Wish me luck we are taking Tay and baby Mitch to Jazz Fest this weekend!

Thanks for caring,


No.1 I am grateful for all of you who are reading and caring about me and my little family every day.

No.2 I am grateful that my life so far has been so blessed

No.3 I am grateful to Sissy for helping shape me into the person I am today!


Writer's Workshop.

 Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Prompts:

1.) Book review!
2.) When is it okay not to listen to the words? Explain about a song you really love that has lame lyrcis or lyrics you simply don't understand.
3.) Why won't you forget? List six true sentences that begin with the words 'I'llnever forget...' Then use all six of your sentences in a paragraph, poem, or longer descriptive piece.
4.) Write about an interaction you had with a salesman.
5.) What's for dinner? I'm starving.

As soon as I saw this week's writing assignment I was torn between #1 or #2. I LOVE to read so of course I can write lots of book reviews, but I was not sure exactly HOW to review a book so I chose #2.

I do not know the words to my most FAVORITE song in the entire world! I did not even bother to look them up until doing this assignment. Even after looking them up I still am not convinced that I will be able to sing the "correct" words! I personally like my made up version better!

"Come on Eileen" is my most FAVORITE song in the entire world! My friends know this so I get random phone calls or voice mail messages early in the morning that sound like this,
"Kelly, oh, shit are you sleeping?" "I'm out and heard this and thought of you, LISTEN!!!"
Or my favorite messages are the ones where all you hear is "KELLY...LISTEN......(loud music of some sort playing in the background)......I MISS YOU AND LOVE YOU!!!" (Most of the time I cannot actually make out the song on the message, but they always call the next day, "aw...shit sorry I called you last night. I was out and they were playing your song so I had to call!"

There really is no rhyme or reason as to why I LOVE this song I just do! It makes me smile and sometimes that is enough.

Poor old Johnny Ray
Sounded sad upon the radio, he moved a million hearts in mono.
Our mothers cried and sang along and who'd blame them.
Now you're grown, so grown, now I must say more than ever.
Go Toora Loora Toora Loo-Rye-Aye
and we can sing just like our fathers.

Come on Eileen,
I swear (well he means) At this moment you mean everything,
With you in that dress my thoughts I confess verge on dirty
Ah come on Eileen.

These people round here wear beaten down eyes
Sunk in smoke dried faces they're so resigned to what their fate is,
But not us, no not us we are far too young and clever.
Remember Toora Loora Toora Loo-Rye-Aye
Eileen I'll hum this tune forever.

Come on Eileen, I swear, well he means
Ah come on let's take off everything,
That pretty red dress Eileen (Tell him yes)
Ah come on let's, ah come on Eileen, please.
(Huh? What? Ex-squeeze Me? Baking powder?)

These pictures were taken at my wedding (obviously after I have changed clothes). One of the last songs they played before we left was "Come On Eileen"!

I found this on YouTube and thought it was hilarious!! They do other songs too!

Check out Mam Kat and see what songs other people can't understand.
Thanks for caring,
No.1 I am grateful that I can hear my FAVORITE song.
No. 2 I am grateful that my daughter is gsoing to sleep at night without much fussing anymore.(Did I just jinx myself?)
No.3 I am grateful that Re called me today to inform of the email link we received today. It made work that much more interesting!


About nothing really.

 Monday, April 20, 2009

This is post number 98!! I am getting so close to 100! I have been working on my list forever. I knew if I did not start it early I would never get it done. 100 random things about yourself is really quite long!

Whew...i am so glad that this weekend is over. We are discovering what the "terrible twos" are all about! I know, i know, everyone says wait until she's 3, I just hope we all make it in one piece. Saturday Hubby worked so I took Tay to Denham to see lil mama and baby Mitch. Little mama was such a trooper and volunteered to try and shop with me and Tay. So, Baby Mitch-who is 9mos old, lil mama, Tay, and I all loaded up and headed to the mall. We HAD to stop at our favorite steak house on the way.
YUM, YUM!! If you have not eaten here yet you must it is FABULOUS!!! I have not had anything that I do not like! The FIRECRACKER CHICKEN WRAPS & the WILD WEST SHRIMP are a perfect way to start off your meal. The PORTABELLO PEPPERCORN FILET is my FAVORITE!! Hubby LOVES the RIBS! Don't worry the beer is cold and they make a mean Margarita!! (You're welcome Big Papa!) Anywhoo..... We went to the mall to find some cute tops for me and possibly something to wear to Jazz Fest on Saturday! (James Taylor is playing--so EXCITED and we are bringing Tay and lots of bubbles!) Lil Mama kept Tay occupied trying on the sunglasses at Forever 21! Um.....have you seen the accessories lately?! I am having some really awful flashbacks from the 80's!

(I am not sure how to make these pics look any better!) I could not believe that people are actually buying stirrups pants and neon accessories again! I am hoping that the BIG aqua-net style hair does not come back as well!


But I did get this cute top along with a couple of other things!
No. 1 I am grateful that I NOW know NOT to wear the neon accessories.
No. 2 I am grateful that my in-laws came and cut our lawn since Hubby is still laid up with the foot surgery!!
No. 3 I am grateful that Lil Mama is getting to see my daughter grow up and be a part of her life!
Thanks for caring,


I am almost fluent in Taylornese

 Thursday, April 16, 2009

Does anyone else see what is similar between some of these photos?! Was it the subject or the photographer? Hmm.....







This is Tay's cousin Emma. They are 6mos apart and have a BALL together! They also have another cousin Peyton who is 6 mos younger than E. We are all dreading the teenage years! But oh so looking forward to them growing up together!

So the other day Tay and I went to Chick-fil-a (the BEST fast food ever) we were sitting in the car eating our lunch when she starting talking. She is holding her waffle fry making it roar.

She said "Look Mommy a fu-wagen-ROAR!"

I, being the great mommmy I am said "that's great Tay, keep eating!" (thinking what in the hell is she talking about and why is her french fry roaring?!)

She said it again "Look Mommy fu-wagen-ROAR!"

"Great Taylor, eat a chicken nugget (why in the hell is her french fry roaring?)


??-what the hell is wrong with my child.....????........




OH MY GOODNESS---she is pretending that her french fry is a dragon and it is roaring!

"ROAR, My french fry is a dragon too, Taylor"

Just another lesson in Taylornese!

Thanks for caring,


No.1 I am grateful that I married into a family that is close and actually likes to spend time together.

No. 2 I am grateful that Hubby can drive again!

No. 3 I am grateful that the Lord is helping me to learn patience so I can enjoy our f"wagen roaring moments"-instead of getting frustrated because I can't understand her!


Egg Hunting Champion!

 Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tay got to hunt for eggs 3 separate times on Sunday and once on Saturday! By Sunday afternoon she was a Champion egg hunter! Saturday we made the trip over to J-town to visit G-ma. She is 92ish and was excited to have a house full of people, even if it was just for the day. She probably slept better that night than she had in years! Sunday we started off with an egg hunt in our living room. (Hubby is still crutching around, so our yard is WAY overdue to be cut. Therefore, egg hunt in the living room!) That is why the first photos Tay has on an ACDC shirt and a diaper! We then went to Dee-Dee's and Pop Pop's house, had the traditional honey baked ham with brown and serve rolls (YUM-YUM) searched for more eggs and ended the day at the Roby's house for one more egg hunt, shrimp etouffe and beer! It was a fun day for all. Thanks to Sissy for the Gorgeous Easter outfit complete with shoes! We did learn an important lesson after 6 hours of riding in a car with a 2-year old. Candy is the DEVIL!! From now on...very limited candy for Easter-just toys, play-doh preferably!
Tay kept saying all afternoon "Easter Bunny brought Play-Doh to my house!"


Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

This one is one of my personal favorites!!

I will post more tomorrow, my computer is slow as mole-asses, I feel like I am back on dial-up!

No. 1 I am grateful that Re and Sarge's prayers were answered! (more on this later!)
No. 2 I am grateful that Sissy is taking the first steps in quitting smoking!
No. 3 I am grateful to have had a wonderful weekend surrounded by my loving family!

Thanks for caring,


You should know better!

Why white trash lady, that I saw standing outside the Winn-Dixie, did you bother to scrub your buggy down with a handi-wipe (so hard in fact I thought you were trying to remove some of the paint)? Oh I get it the germs and boogies that reside on the buggy really bother you? But I guess smoking while you are 7 mos preggers is okay in your book!

Stupidity should be a crime punishable by time in prison!
Thanks for caring,
No. 1 I am grateful for the education I was given at an early age to know the difference between right and wrong!
No. 2 I am grateful that I know it is NOT OK TO SMOKE WHILE PREGGERS!
No. 3 I am grateful that I have self-control or I would have gone up to that lady and punched her in the face!

PS... Easter pics will be posted tonight!


Writer's Workshop.

 Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Prompts:
1.) Describe a moment when you realized you and your spouse were SO different.
2.) What is your role in the household?
3.) Write about how you felt when you discovered you were lied to.(creativewritingprompts.com)4.) Describe a hard time you gave a teacher...what would you say to them today?
5.) What is an unpleasant experience you had eating? Write a poem, paragraph, or something else about the experience.(writingfix.com)

I could go on forever about Number 1 but I really don't feel like it.....Definitely save this one for later.
3.) Write about how you discovered you were lied to.

I cannot go into too much detail concerning this story because it is not my place to air this business, but I had a friend who made some choices that made sense to her and her life but did not make any sense to anyone else in her life. I do want her to be happy, but she choose to sacrifice her friendships, lie to her friends, and just all around handle the situation poorly! She went on with her life like it was no big deal and just expected everyone else to react the same way. Sorry I am just. not. built. that. way! I do wish her well in her new path in life, I just wish she had handled it better. Granted, it has been several years since all this occurred, (She's never even met my daughter!) and there are times when I really miss her and what she did bring to my life but I am not sure how to move past this with out opening myself up to being hurt again! UGH...Maybe it is better left in the past!?

I know this didn't exactly explain how I discovered that I had been lied to, but this particular lie has been on my mind for several years and just needed to get it out!

No. 1 I am grateful for the WONDERFUL friends that I do have in my life that are such a POSITIVE force.
No. 2 I am grateful for the friendship I did have with this particular person. Because I would not be where I am today without those experiences!
No. 3 I am grateful that I get to spend the entire day with Tay 2morrow because my office is closed for Good Friday!


Thanks Dad!

 Wednesday, April 8, 2009

How come when I am at work or even in my car I am all like, "I'm gonna go home and get it together! I am gonna clean off the bar that has exactly 1.9 million pieces of paper on it, I am going to put up the clothes that have been sitting in the laundry basket for 2 days (it is folded), I am going to once again sweep up the dog hair that has accumulated on the floor since yesterday, I am going to....." and the list keeps on going. Something happens between the time I leave work, pick up Tay and get home. By the time I pull into the driveway I don't even want to think about any of the stuff that needs to be done! Am I the only one? Surely I'm not! This leads me to a phone call I got the other day from my dad.

Dad: I am calling to apologize. Actually it should be your mother calling to apologize, but I am the one doing it!

(Panic runs through me- what's happened?)

Me: What are you talking about? What's going on?

Dad: Your mother and I were trying to spring clean this weekend (They are trying to clear out some stuff so they have somewhere to store the Christmas tree-yes it is still up-don't judge! At least all the ornaments are gone.) and I could not get her to get rid of ANYTHING. I am apologizing because you have inherited this disease and I am sorry!

Me: You just realized this? I have known that I have a strange attachment to EVERYTHING for quite a while!

Dad: Well, I just realized how BAD it is and I am calling to say I am sorry that you inherited this lovely trait from your mother.

Me: No Problem...you really should be apologizing to Hubby! He's the one who has to deal with me and all my STUFF!

Whew---Now I can blame being lazy about housework on my mother. Thanks Dad!

Thanks for caring,

No. 1 I am grateful that I can blame my bad habits on my parents!
No. 2 I am grateful that I have such a wonderful Hubby who still loves me even when I push him to the limit!
No. 3 I am grateful that I have wonderful friends who invited us to Disney-even though we cannot make it!! Yankee and JP, thank you and we will get there one day with y'all! I swear!


Grey cloud vs. Silver lining

 Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I have been making excuses for way too long. If I am to change my life it must start with me!
Why are some people more prone to seeing the glass half-full, while some continue to see it as half-empty? What must be done or what must happen to turn your thinking upside down? These are the questions that I have been thinking tons about lately! I am working (and not succeeding) on trying to alter my thinking. I bought "The Secret" and "A New Earth" in hopes that they would help to steer my thinking in a path that is positive-um....yeah...couldn't get past 5 pages in either book. I tried 3 separate times to read "The Secret" but failed all three times! Granted I have NEVER been the cheerleader type but I am sick and tired of always seeing the grey cloud and not the silver lining inside!! I am open for any and all suggestions. HELP-I really don't want to pass this type of thinking on to my daughter.

No. 1 I am grateful for the ability to be able to talk openly and honestly about what is going on in my life.
No. 2 I am grateful that I have a Hubby who sees the glass as half-full. My daughter has a 50-50 shot at being normal!
No. 3 I am grateful for Lilly the makers of this!

Thanks for caring,


I'm just saying....

 Friday, April 3, 2009

WHY WHY WHY do certain people think that it is possible to apply for a loan via your car in the drive thru lane at the bank? Yes, I am talking to you lady in the white Escalade. I pulled up behind you in line thinking "she must be almost done, I just saw the tube shoot up." Nah......too good to be true. The tube came back down you grabbed it put something into it and sent it back through the tube. UGH! So I waited and saw the tube coming back down...now we're talking, and guess what happened. Yep you did it again. You pulled the tube out put something else into it and sent it back up the shoot!! DOUBLE UGH!!! By this time I am fuming mad and have now noticed the other lines have processed at least 3 cars while I am waiting for your loan application to be approved. I guess you are too lazy to go inside to take care of matters that need to be done face-to-face and you are so self-absorbed to notice that half of the town in waiting on you to move your a** out of the way. I'm just saying...

If you need a good book Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah is one of the best books I have read in a long time. I physically cried my way through the last chapter of the book! It is a story about a friendship between 2 girls that spans 30 years. You will not regret reading this book!

I really need to get something off my chest regarding a "friend" of mine but I am trying to come up with a tackful way of discussing the topic without giving away specifics! Some of you may know who and what I am referring to, but if not.....Stay tuned.

No. 1. I am grateful for this wonderful, beautiful, georgous day that the Lord has made!

No. 2. I am grateful that I am able to afford a car so I can sit at the bank to deposit money, even if I get stuck behind "white escalade lady".

No. 3. I am grateful for the makers of Dr. Pepper. It really helps me get through my day!

Thanks for caring,



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