Friday, April 24, 2009

This is my 100th post and in keeping with everyone else I am doing my meme list of 100. Warning: My list is very random. There is absolutely NO method to my madness.

1. I am the classic 1st child.

2. I married the classic middle child.

3. I miss playing softball everyday of my life.

4. I am a better mom than I thought I would be.

5. I LOURVE eighties music.

6. I could NEVER work in the medical field.

7. French Fries is/are my favorite food.

8. But, I could eat red beans and rice everyday for the rest of my life. Blue Runner of course.

9. I really need a VACAY.

10. I hate struggling every week to pay the bills.

11. I wish I was a girlie-girl.

12. I want to organize my house.

13. Mardi Gras is one of my Most favorite times of the year!

14. Dr. Pepper is the BEST drink in the world, non alcoholic.

15. One day I will visit Europe.

16. Freshman year in High School I tried out for the dance team.

17. Didn't make it.

18. Sophomore year in High School I tried out for the cheer leading squad.

19. Didn't make it.

20. Junior year in High School I tried out for the Volley Ball team.

21. Didn't make it.

22. Played tennis my junior year.....didn't have to try out!

23. Did not get asked to Homecoming my Freshman year.

24. Was on the Homecoming Court my Senior year.

25. I have the world's BEST GIRL FRIENDS.

26. I love the time I spend with them.

27. I am glad that Sissy and I have gotten closer over the years!

28. Wayne's World is one of the BEST (comedy) movies EVER!

29. I could watch The Notebook over and over and never get bored.

30. I think I have seen Overboard-you know the Goldie Hawn movie-at least 513 times!

31. I am incredibly insecure!

32. With a good enough book, I could sit and read for 24 hours straight.

33. I miss living in Charleston, South Carolina everyday!

34. I do not fight fair!

35. Hubby hates this about me.

36.I have the BEST FRIENDS in the world.

37. I went to Savannah, Ga. for my bachelorette weekend and saw a lady urinate on herself while on stage!

38. Got in trouble at work for being on Facebook to much.

39. It was only 2 mos ago.

40. I miss college and living in SHITTY dorms. (Re-Remember the shaky elevator and the blueberry candle!)

41. I lead with emotion not logic.

42. I love my daughter moreand more every second of every day.

43. I still feel guilty for my postpartum thoughts!

44. I have never been on a cruise.

45. I am so white I think I glow in the dark.

46. The tannest (is that a word) I have ever been was when we lived in Orlando.

47. I use to dress up as the Easter bunny (head, feet and all) and deliver Easter baskets to resort guests via golf-cart!

48. This is why I HATE the macarena.

49. I once had a 6 year old tell her dad he wanted him to buy her some "boobs" like mine-AWKWARD!

50. I miss my friend "Marie"

51. I wish she wasn't so damn selfish

52. I wish my mother would call me more!

53. I secretly miss working at American Eagle-sometimes!!

54. I am going to a Crawfish Boil Tomorrow!

55. The older I get the more lactose Intolerant I get!

56. I saw Faith No More, Metallica, and Guns N Roses at the Superdome when i was in High School.

57. The first concert I went to was Whitney Houston.

58. The last concert I have been to was Britney Spears!


60. I secretly like some country music.

61. Have seen Alabama, Dave Matthews Band, Indigo Girls, Pearl Jam, Jack Johnson and Ben Harper in concert. (Not at the same time!)

62. I could NEVER EVER be a SAHM!

63. I wish I had listened when Papa told those "boring" stories of his times during WWII!

64. He was a Fighter Pilot.

65. I have his bronzed headset.

66. Sissy has bought more clothes for Tay than I have.

67. In high school I once drank an entire bottle of peppermint schnapps!

68. I had to go homecoming dress shopping with my mom the next day!


70. I was hungover for 3 days!

71. Did the same thing with Cinnamon Schnapps.

72. I think I am allergic to cinnamon now. Can't even chew cinnamon gum 15 years later.

73. I have the BEST husband in the world.

74. He is the love of my life.

75. I never thought I would marry a "nice guy"

76. But I did!

77. I think he is the son my dad never had.

78. I HATE sand!

79. My wedding day was the BEST day of my life.

80. 2nd only to the day Taylor was born!

81. I still miss "that" mixed tape.

82. My toenails are painted 99% of the time.

83. Plain toe nails are gross!

84. Feet in general gross me out!

85. I only take off my watch and wedding rings to take a shower. I even sleep with them on.

86. I wish I could go back and talk to my younger self.

87. I would tell myself MANY MANY things.

88. Mainly to SLOW down., and to stop being so damn insecure

89. Blue is my favorite color.

90. My father makes the best popcorn in the world. On top of the stove, of course.

91. My mother is one of the strongest women I know!

92. I drove a stick shift for 10 years. I miss it sometimes!

93. Hubby is teaching me how to love myself.

94. The smell of burning leaves is heaven too me.

95. Mosquitoes love me.

96. Twinkle lights make everything pretty!

97. I cannot go into a book store and buy just one book. I must buy several!

98. Did I mention that my girl friends rock?

99. I know every word to every song in the movie Little Mermaid. I had the soundtrack on tape in high school.

100. I am glad I did that!

Thank you for the few of you who stuck around to read this insanely long and boring post! Thank you to all of my followers! Please, Please, Please leave me comments. If you do not have a blog you can do so anonymously and leave your name at the bottom. I NEED to know that y'all are out there.

Wish me luck we are taking Tay and baby Mitch to Jazz Fest this weekend!

Thanks for caring,


No.1 I am grateful for all of you who are reading and caring about me and my little family every day.

No.2 I am grateful that my life so far has been so blessed

No.3 I am grateful to Sissy for helping shape me into the person I am today!


LSU Melanie April 24, 2009 at 8:52 AM  

Here I am! We are alike in so many ways:) 1,4,12,13,43,73,74,75,77,79,80,82,83,85,86,87,91,98...
Glad to see you are finally making a crawfish boil this season, if not, i was going to have to invite you over:) Have fun at Jazz Fest this weekend! I'll be at the Zurich Golf Classic! Your blog makes me laugh:) and search for the positive in negative things..

Anonymous,  April 24, 2009 at 2:52 PM  

Overboard! I love that movie! I've watched it so many times now that I think I'm starting to dislike it! :)

Elizabeth April 24, 2009 at 4:30 PM  

Hey, just found your blog. Love it! We have lots in common!

Anonymous,  April 25, 2009 at 12:21 AM  

I effin love you!!!

Lace April 25, 2009 at 12:33 AM  

1) I love Overboard. LOVE. IT.
2) I'm probably whiter than you. TRY ME.
3)Schnapps... ick.
4)Agreed, plain toenails are gross.
5)The word toenails is kinda gross too.
6)I love Guns N Roses, but I think you knew that :)
7)Good Luck with the kiddos at Jazz Fest! Don't forget SUN BLOCK & Umbrellas! Ooo & maybe one of those handheld fans!

Heather April 27, 2009 at 11:38 AM  

Great list!! I also love Dr Pepper and hate feet. OOH, and I'm going to a Crawfish Boil this weekend, in Birmingham... fun times. :)

Mama Dawg April 28, 2009 at 12:14 PM  

These we have in common:


No wonder we like each other!

Kacey April 29, 2009 at 8:44 AM  

I am always here!


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