Tuesday, November 25, 2008

*I had to do an update to my last post!
Remember the Rif-Raf I mentioned in my last post that "The Colonel" our Secret Service Agent was protecting us from at the Krystal....


"If you're happy and you know it give me a buck!!"
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If you're happy and you know it give me a BUCK!

This past weekend was WAY TOO MUCH FUN!! Hubby and I and 3 other couples spent the weekend in New Orleans and partied like Rockstars! Let me remind you that we are not in college anymore but we sure did party like we were. I can attest to the fact that the older you get the harder you fall! Hangovers are a BITCH when you are over 30! I just cannot bounce back like I use to. I use to be able to stay out until 6 am, go to class all day, take a nap, quick shower and repeat the process all over again! Now I can barely stay up past 9pm. Forget staying out drinking, dancing, and doing shots (thanks Sarge for the HOT Jagger-YUCK) until 3 am, eating WAY too many Krystal Chicks or Arby's and falling into bed! (Still in my clothes from the night before) Even though it takes a long time to recover it is so WORTH it to be able to let it all hang out with your friends. (names have been changed to protect the guilty)Photobucket
T, Re, Me and Bunny at Pat O'Brien's at the beginning of a VERY LONG weekend!


I bet you didn't know that we travelled with our own Secret Service Agent "The Colonel." Here he is in true southern boy manner saluting "Dixie."

Here he is protecting us from the Rif-Raf at Krystal at 2am!

This is what happens.....

When you do this!

I really could talk about this weekend for hours, many of it no one would understand unless you were there! I am glad to know that we can still party like rockstars even if it takes us an entire week to recover! Cannot wait to do it again with y'all...... Sarge, Re, The Colonel-our secret service agent, T, Bunny and Floyd.
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I've been tagged!

 Monday, November 24, 2008

I got Tagged! My first tag ever!! Does that mean that I am "moving on up" in the blogging world?
LAZY CRAZY MAMA tagged me so here goes.....(PS.. I just figured out how to link! YAY me!)

1. What is your funniest childhood story? Watching my father pick Sissy and I up from school and getting arrested by SLU cops because he was not letting us walk in the rain to get to the car! Sissy and I had been sick all week and when my father came to pick us up at school they would not let the parents drive up to the school to pick up their kids. They were told to park over in the teachers parking lot and walk. Well, this did not sit well with my father because it was raining like a cow pissing on a flat rock! So he told the SLU cop where he could go and proceeded to drive around the blockade in front of school and pick us up! Long story short....My father was arrested and we did not get wet! Not funny then, FRICKING HILARIOUS NOW!!

2. What would your dream dress look like if you could design it? Either a red dress or navy, as long as I had the shoes to match...I really don't have the need for a special dress but maybe for new year's! The dream part of it is that I would look amazing and not be self-conscious all night!

3. What weird habit does your hubby have? Every morning before he puts his shoes on, he hits the heel of his shoe on his hand to make sure there are not any spiders hiding in there!

4. How many cookbooks are in your kitchen? TONS! We have about 1 million cookbooks, I have used maybe 2 of them! I love to read them but I am not a chef! I don't cook.

5. Granny panties or loyal Victoria's Secret girl?
I would love to say Vicki Secret but I cannot bring myself to pay that much for panties! I get mine from American Eagle. I worked for the company for 5 years and with a 40% discount you can't pass them up! They are very comfortable though!

6. My favorite memory from 2008 so far is...a combination of memories! My daughter is turning two next month and her language skills are developing at an alarming rate. Everyday she has something new to say!!

7. I secretly...wish I could cook....I just don't think I'd be any good at it! Oh, and that I had a housekeeper.

8. I could really go for... boiled crawfish, but it is so not the season for them!

9. We are going to have a big snow storm and you will find me... FREAKING MY SHIT because I live in South Louisiana.

10. I knew he was the one... when he moved to Orlando with me!

Now I must tag 3 other peeps....
SM at Life of the McBee's
KAT @ Cookies and Milk
Tay's Mom @ Peanut and Poppy

I promise to upload and post about our past weekend in the Quarter!
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Writer's Workshop Wednesday.

 Thursday, November 20, 2008

It's that time of the week again Mama Kat's writing assignment!
I remember when.......birthdays were eagerly anticipated!
I remember when the night before your b-day you could hardly sleep because tomorrow was your BIG DAY!!
I remember when the morning of your b-day arrived you were up at 4:30am because you were too excited to lay in bed any longer!
I remember when you got dressed for your b-day you had a VERY SPECIAL outfit to wear to school! It was either a brand new outfit or your absolute favorite!
I remember when you went to school you felt like Miss America because it was your special day and everyone knew it!
I remember when you went to eat lunch you always had something special in your lunch box from your mom and everyone wanted to trade with you because just for today yours was the BEST lunch EVER!!
I remember sitting in class trying to pay attention to what the teachers were trying to teach you, but did they not understand that TODAY WAS YOUR SPECIAL DAY and you could care less about what they had to say!
I remember being so thrilled that the school day was finally over and now you could go home and celebrate YOUR SPECIAL DAY the right way!
I remember everyone being extra nice to you because TODAY WAS YOUR DAY...even Sissy!
I remember going to bed that night disappointed that YOUR DAY was ending and you would have to wait an entire year before YOUR SPECIAL DAY was here again!

If you haven't guessed it today is MY SPECIAL DAY! As you can tell I am over the moon with excitement! I have lots of friends that have b-day months and b-day weeks, but I can't seem to get into all of that! I don't know why, I love my birthday just as much as the next guy, but I don't like to be in the center of attention. I am by nature a shy person so when something draws attention to me I shrink away from it! I was more nervous on my wedding day of walking down the aisle and having everyone looking at me than I was of getting married. Ha..Weird I know.
Now that I am a parent it is now my responsibility to make sure that Tay gets her SPECIAL DAY and I cannot wait to take on this job!!!
So there you have it! Hit Mama Kat's button to check out what everyone else is yakking about today!

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Mommy guilt!

 Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Apparently every mom gets it, you can get rid of it for a while, but you will always have re-occurring outbreaks, and you will have it for the rest of your life! (It sounds like a bad rash) I sent Tay to "school" feeling a little under the weather today and now I feel guilty. I feel guilty because I feel like I should be the one taking care of her, I should sacrifice my time at work to make sure she is okay, I should sit and cuddle with her and hold her when she is feeling crappy. Isn't that what being a mom is all about?! I am sitting here at work worrying about what she is doing. I am worrying about whether she is having fun with her friends, if she is being whiny, if her nose is running (YES-don't have to worry about that one), if she is being clingy to her teachers, if she misses her mama, etc, etc, etc, I seriously could go on all day! I don't know how I am going to be able to get anything done today!

When stuff like this happens it makes me feel very lucky that I have, a husband, both sets of g'parents (within 45 minutes of us), all of our siblings (within 1 hour of us), as well as other cousins (throughout the area), who could help us if we ever got stuck in a very tight situation. Even if I am not always willing to ask for or receive said help! I get really weird and feel like I should be able to handle it all on my own. I rationalize that if other people can do it all by themselves EVERYDAY then I should be able to handle my own life without help. Effing retarded I know! It gives me a new found RESPECT for single mamas and dadas everywhere!

*Weekend Update from the JA Ball! Lots of fun! Just a couple of pics.* The Sarge will be making an appearance in the doughnut hat but I will save that one for another day!

We had a wonderful time Friday night in The Burg! We got all dressed up and went to the Ball! We did miss Big Poppa and Lil Mama but next year they definitely will be there! Hubby and the Sarge are already planning some very special tuxes for next year! I won't remind either of them because I really don't wanna see hubby in a blue tux with ruffles! It would be funny, but those are not my peeps, they are my peeps, peeps, so I don't know how they would respond to "dumb and dumber" tuxes. But hey, there was a bird in disguise as a hat so...who knows, we will have to wait and see.

Again, I am too old to stay up until 4am drinking "Cooter Juice!" A friend of mine whose nickname is "Cooter" makes wine! (not moonshine-even though she is from TN:o) Apparently I thought it would be a good idea to taste it at 2:30am! Hubby and I drank the entire bottle! UGH. It is really good and I have already made requests for more. [Yes, Lil Mama- hubby was slightly seasick the next morning! TeeHee!] When we finally went to bed Hubby and I slept until 10am. I have not slept that late in years, literally!!
Don't worry my new peeps in the Burg, I have not talked about y'all yet, because I am still coming up with the perfect nicknames to protect the guilty, of course! If you have any ideas feel free to share!
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The ass crack of dawn...

 Friday, November 14, 2008

Hot Air Balloons Pictures, Images and Photos
Hot Air Balloons Pictures, Images and Photos
Hot Air Balloons Pictures, Images and Photos

(These pics are not from the Balloon Fest. in Baton Rouge, but hey.....I'm doing this at work! SHHHH....)
Today is Friday! I am actually happy with the way my life is going these days! (Did I just say that out loud?!) Now if I just had a cleaning lady, I might even start singing! Ha. Tonight we are going to a fabulous event in The Burg! We get to get all dressed up and drink and dance the night away! Hubby has a tuxedo, no it is not double breasted, or blue! (TeeHee), and I have a wonderful black almost strapless dress! I will definitely take lots of pictures! We (hubby and I)started participating in this event last year because as we get older there seem to be less and less opportunities to get all "done" up" "get our hair did" and party! It is like an adult version of a prom! Without all the "hidden" alcohol and teenage angst! THANK GOD!!

Next week is my Birthday! Yikes! I am going to be 32! For my big 30th birthday I was on bed rest and 9 months preggers. Yippee...I had Trey Yuen (the best Chinese food in the country) and a movie. -"CEL-E-BRATE GOOD TIMES" (roll tide!-that's for big POPPA Mitch)! My 31st birthday I had a very active 11month old and was working retail getting ready for the holiday season! It seems that we never are able to "do" anything for my birthday since it is so close to Turkey Day. This year however, we are going to be heading across the Lake with some peeps from The Burg! It should be fun if not interesting to say the VERY least! ANYWHOO.....

With my B-day coming up I starting thinking of my "Bucket List." No, I don't think that turning 32 is even close to kicking the bucket, but I was just thinking of all that "stuff" I wanna do before I go to my great reward!

~I wanna take a ride in a hot air balloon! I am not sure what the fascination with hot air balloons are all about but I desperately want to take a trip in one! When I was younger my home town use to host an annual Hot Air Balloon Festival (they don't host it anymore :( ) and for a couple of years my mom would wake us up at the ass crack of dawn, excuse me before the ass crack of dawn and drag us out to the local airport and watch the teams of ballooners (is that a word) fill their balloons and race through town. As soon as they took off we would hop in my mom's 280 ZX complete with t-tops--love tha 80's and chase the balloons all over town while she stopped every once in a while to take pictures! I don't really remember much other than that, but as much as I hated getting up so early in the morning, it is one of my fondest memories! Thanks Mom for dragging our sorry asses out of the bed!

I am trying to start the same tradition with my own daughter. In one of my earlier posts I put up some pics of us with Sissy at the Balloon Fest. in Baton Rouge! I just went and checked out the pics! Only 2? I obviously will be posting lots of pics this weekend on this blog! Stay Tuned!!!
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Writer's Workshop Wednesday.

 Thursday, November 13, 2008

It is that time again...Mama's Losin' It. Click on her button and see what everyone else wrote about. I chose "The first time you..."

The first time I.... didn't cry at a wedding was my own! I am THAT girl who is the emotional basket case at ALL weddings. Seriously, i have cried at every single wedding I have ever been to. Including the many weddings of my sorority sisters, the weddings that are taking place and everyone there knows it will end in divorce, the weddings of people that my husband know that I have only met the groom, and especially the weddings where I am a member of the "party!" At my best friend's wedding I broke the strap to my shoe 30 minutes before the wedding and had to walk down stairs in front of ALL the guests! I think it was like 400 in total. Thank God for superglue,double sided tape, and purple thread anywhoo.....I was so worried about the shoe that I did not grab any hankies for the ceremony! I ALWAYS need hankies at a wedding! So I made it down the stairs and up the aisle, thinking everything is gonna be okay, yeah no! I started crying as soon as I saw her coming up the aisle and didn't stop. Alright I can deal with tears, but then the preacher said "Let's bow our heads and pray,"
Shit....Snot everywhere! Oh well, At least I can laugh about it now!
So my hubby and I did the traditional Catholic Ceremony and at the rehearsal I could barely keep it together I was crying so much! Because of this I knew that I needed to be prepared for the ceremony. One of my bridesmaids and a good friend of mine let me borrow a hankie that was her grandmother's for the ceremony! (My something borrowed) So I was READY!! Let the cry-fest begin. SO, my father and I were in the limo on the way to the ceremony and i realized I had to pee. REALLY BAD!! You know that kinda of pee where you are rocking back and forth you have to pee so BAD! I asked my dad what do I do I have to pee. He said "Well, you're gonna have to hold it for at least 1 hour and a half!" GREAT!! Thanks for the advice. (I was coming directly from my limo up the aisle.) So the ceremony went off without a hitch, except I did not cry! I don't want everyone to think that I did not cry because I was not Happy about getting married, because I was! I think I had to pee so BAD that I was afraid that if I saw any water I might have ended up with lovely yellow stains on my dress. TeeHee...
So we will have been married 5 years in January, together 11 years in February. That was the first and last time I did not cry at a wedding!
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Check out my post from yesterday if you have a chance, it would mean alot! Thanks


Happy Birthday!

 Wednesday, November 12, 2008

(Pause the other music before you click play!)

Today is some one's birthday that I never met but I wish I had. He is no longer here with us and I know that he is in a much better place than us, but that does not mean that his is not missed! He is very special to some very special people in my life and I wanted to take this time to say that I am sorry for your pain and I am sorry for your loss. I know that there is nothing on the planet that I can say that would make this any easier, but I do want to say I love y'all!
His wife is starting to have a very profound effect on my life. Her Faith and Belief in God is what keeps her moving most days and I admire her strength more than she will ever know! Thank You for bringing her into my life! She helps me to be a better mother, wife, friend, sister, and daughter!

I found this on YouTube. This boy wrote this music for a pair of sisters that have passed. I don't know the whole story but I thought you might want to hear it! (No, there are not any words!)

Thanks for caring,
Happy Birthday Jason


Long boring update!

 Tuesday, November 11, 2008

PhotobucketWow, it has been a VERY long time since I have given y'all an update! This past weekend we went to Baton Rouge to take Tay tailgating for the very first time! She had a BLAST! (Despite the fact that LSU lost!) FYI-Tailgating is a very different experience with a child vs. without a child! We still had lots of fun and took lots of pics which I will post later tonight. (CAUTION: There will be pole dancing) My hubby did a very sweet thing on Saturday night, he stayed home with Tay while I went out with Sissy to see Drummer play in a band! Let me start off by saying that we did not leave the house until after 10 pm. My friends 5 years ago that was the norm but since leaving college and having a baby I am lucky if I can stay awake long enough to watch Brothers and Sisters. (9pm-Sad but oh so true) So I left, A. feeling guilty that my daughter was crying and saying "mama, mama" as I walk out the door and, B. already up past my bedtime so I was a little cranky! My friends K&P came and met us! They are the parents of "Mitch" the cutey patooty with the sunglasses in previous pictures! (Tay's future hubby!) Mitch is 3 mos old and "C" over on the Bestbank had the baby so they had a well deserved night out! I am so glad that I went! My hubby was right! Shh...don't tell him! I did have fun despite myself (or is it in spite of myself ??), but I really wish he could have been there with us! I will definitely post these pics! K& P will kill me, but they are too good not to post!

So now that it is getting colder and the holidays are steadily approaching, I have started making a Birthday/Christmas list for Tay. Her birthday is 10 days before Christmas so what she doesn't get for her B-day she'll get for Christmas! The one bad thing about having her B-day so close to Christmas is the fact that she doesn't have another day throughout the year that she can look forward to a party and presents just for her! And she gets all of her toys at the same time of the year! (Maybe we'll start to do a half birthday with her and go on a special "Taylor" day when she gets older) But she does get to have an EXTRA SPECIAL December! I really am making this list more for myself than for her. No, the presents aren't for me silly! I am making a list so when I see something that I know she would enjoy I can remember to either buy it when the time comes or let someone know that she would like it! Elmo laptop, Fisher Price Little People, Baby Doll with clothes and a bottle-(but no noise, peeing, or pooping, don't need another one to clean up after!) Santa has dropped hints that Tay will be getting her very own table and chairs! Yay!

We have an Elf-on the Shelf and I am debating on whether we should start it this year, or will Tay not understand the "hand off" rules?! HUMMM!?! I also need to try and figure out how to decorate my house on a very small budget! We are going to do Christmas cards with a picture! This is going to be our first year doing Christmas Cards as a family! Yay! I am very excited about doing this but have already prepared myself for the picture to not be everything I imagined it would be. It is not because we will not have a terrific photographer, (thanks Sissy) but my daughter does not sit still, unless Caillou is on the T.V. Then she doesn't even blink! Does anyone else have issues with this whiny kid (Caillou not Tay)? He drives me BONKERS!! But she LOVES him! Everyday when I pick Tay up from day care, (less than 5 mile trip) she mentions Caillou no less than 1 million times! UGH!
Anywhoo...One of my most favorite things about this time of year Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes!!!! I ADORE THESE THINGS!! Shhhh...I have already had 2 boxes of these this season and just opened up another box today during lunch. I have serious issues and they all don't involve Little Debbie! Will post more later. Must get back to work. Sorry I am so random, I am just feeling a little scatterbrained!
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Writer's Workshop Wednesday.

 Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I am participating in MamaKat's Writing Workshop.
It is going to be hard for me to only list 10 of my absolute worst pet peeves: But here goes. (these are in no particular order of annoyance) Just a heads up....I have worked in the hospitality industry for over 12 years so....grab a snack and a LARGE drink sit back and enjoy, this may take all night!

1. Popping chewing gum in public! I worked in the retail world for many, many moons and it always blew my mind the number of women who A. walk around chewing gum like a cow chewing cud.-that was for you Dad, and B. pop it over and over like it was there job! UGH!! It makes my skin crawl! Please mother's of daughters let your little girls know how tacky and classless they appear when they do this!

2. Just because we talk slow in the south does not mean that we are STUPID! or that our brains are any slower than yours! I worked at a resort in Orlando and was fortunate to meet lots of different people from all walks of life. Along with meeting some very interesting people and learning about different cultures I also got to meet many people from North of the Mason Dixon Line (yankees...shhhh..) On our name tags it listed where we were from, well, THANKS MR. MARRIOTT, everyone seemed to have a pre-conceived notion of what Louisiana is all about!

FYI-We do have electricity, running water-in our houses, Universities, and hell some of us even wear shoes, my Daddy did not molest me, and I did not give birth to my uncle's baby...even though his name is Bubba! Ha... True..Oh, and not all of us are racist!

3. Leaving the toilet seat up! I am very fortunate that husband NEVER leaves the toilet seat up, but he comes from a large family of boys; and lets just say that I can always tell when they have been to my house! Thanks Dad for ALWAYS putting the toilet seat down. You were outnumbered but Thanks all the same!

4. Putting dirty socks in the clothes hamper balled up and inside out! UGH. They will never get clean like this! STOP IT FOR THE LOVE OF PETE!!

5. Soccer Moms who drive a Tank that could hold the partridge family, the Brady bunch, and still have available seating room and cannot park. If you need to pull in, then pull out, pull in, and then pull out one more time to fit in between the lines obviously you need to GET OFF OF THE PHONE AND PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT YOU ARE DOING!!!

6. The people who do not use a blinker, or the ones who leave it on for miles and miles and miles! This just drives me bonkers! Which leads me to my next Pet Peeve.......

7. Rudeness. There is a difference between being rude for spite and rudeness that is justified! If the 16 year old at the Gap gives you attitude, feel free to give to right back. But to the women and men who feel that the only way to get anything done in this world is to be a snot, let me tell you that people would be more willing to help you out a little bit more if you would take that sick out of your ass. I am sorry that you are having a bad day and your husband is cheating on you and your children can't stand you, but that is really no reason for you to holla at me because you thought we took coupons from 2002. Not my problem....

8. Just because I may look young does not mean that I am STUPID!! Enough said.

9. Daddy's who do not participate in their children's lives. Where is it written that it is okay for some Daddy's in the world to have absolutely no idea what is going on in their children's lives. Just because you work out of the home and bring home a paycheck does not make you supreme ruler of the universe. I guarantee you that you could not in a million years do all that a SAHM does! Not only do we have to take care of the child/ren but we also have to take care of the pets, the household, and last but not least you! If you want to be just a sperm donor go to the clinic! FYI- this is not me I work outside the home and my husband is an active participant in my daughter's life. But the more mamas and daddys I am around the more I see that this arrangement is few and far between and I need to appreciate his ass a little more *GASP* did I just write that!?

10. DOG HAIR!! Every other day I could make a small dog with the amount of dog hair that is tumbling through my house! I just don't understand how one dog could possibly have SO much hair! It is everywhere! There is so much that I am beginning to ask questions, like "is there something wrong with him?" "Does he do this on purpose?" When we leave the house does he just shake and scratch for hours on end just to let the fur fly? What they hell do I do? Is there anyone on eBay that would buy used dog hair? If so I would be a Billionaire!

11. CHILDREN WHO ARE RUDE TO THEIR PARENTS!! I know the rules say 10 but I could not let this one pass. I hope it is not due to the fact that I am getting older but where is the RESPECT? The retail company that I worked 5 years for targets the 15-25 year olds; So I got to see alot of daughters showing their ass all over the store. Moms and sometimes Dads would take their daughters and sons shopping and spend several hundred dollars on their children and as they get to the counter to pay the children would be complete and total shits to their parents! I can honestly say that if I had behaved in the manner that some of these kids behaved (in public-I did have a smart mouth in private)I would not be getting any of those clothes and we would be shopping at Wal-Mart for a long time! But not these parents they go ahead and make their purchases why "Buffy" talks on her iPhone sipping her Starbucks talking about "how stupid my mom is!" *GASP* Are you FREAKING KIDDING ME?!

Sorry about 11. being so LOUD but I tried and tried to get it smaller but it would not work!

Thanks for caring,
Check out what everyone else has to say. Click on Mama's losing it button!


To these women from this woman THANK YOU!

 Tuesday, November 4, 2008

National Women's Party, 1917 Pictures, Images and Photos
Suffragists picketing White House Pictures, Images and Photos
Women's Suffrage Parade NYC 1912 Pictures, Images and Photos

This past weekend was TONS of fun! We went and stayed with Re in her new home! One word..GORGEOUS and that still does not do it justice! I did want to throw beads off of the balcony!! We did the family thing on Friday night! A bunch of the peeps from the neighborhood got together and had a Halloween celebration! It was fun watching all of the kids get all hopped up on candy and run around like crazy! Tay-the little chicken-did wonderful! She did not have any melt downs while at the Halloween party. THANK GOD!! She played with some of the other kids but mostly she just wanted to swing! Once she gets going it is really difficult to get her off of the swings. We had to turn off the lights and say that the swings were "closed" and that we would see them tomorrow. Of course she told them "bye, bye" and waved! She did have a late night and outlast many of the adults! Yep, she's a partier!
Saturday the g'rents came and picked up the little chicken so Mom and Dad could enjoy a night and a football game without having to chase after the chicken! We went tailgating and I got to catch up with a couple of girlfriends that I do not see on a regular basis. We got the privilege of sitting in the new boxes that Southern has built at the Rock! It felt like we were at a completely different ballgame. They are super nice! Even the club level seating was spectacular! Apparently no one told me before the game but someone gave me the "mister microphone" set with the volume on HIGH and this was my first time having him so I was not real sure how to handle him. (Sorry to all that had to endure this!) I just got some bread and water (like I was in prison) and continued on my way. I have since turned him back over to his rightful owner Re. We had a GREAT time in the 'burg and cannot wait to go back in 2weeks!

I have really appreciated the way that Re and B's friends in the 'burg have welcomed me and the hubby into their lives. It takes me a LONG time to make new friends and even though I didn't necessarily "make" these friends I do feel that (at least the girls) are interested in me and hubby as K and S and not just Re and B's friends. At this stage in our lives it gets harder and harder to be able to make time for friends because something always comes up. But I am making a commitment to not let my friendships disappear because we are busy. Just like hubby and I make time for the two of us to nurture our relationship and marriage, it is important to make the time for your friends to nurture those relationships as well. I really and truly thank God everyday for the wonderful girlfriends that I have in my life. These are the women who have helped shape me in to the person that I am today! THANK YOU AND I LOVE Y'ALL!

I voted today and felt like the BEST AMERICAN! It was not that long ago when women did not have the right to vote. There were many many women who endured a tremendous amount of heartache,torture, and even death to ensure that one day I could participate in the Democratic process. They wanted everyone's voice to be heard regardless of sex. By standing in line and doing my civic duty I have honored these women! TO THESE WOMEN FROM THIS WOMAN....THANK YOU!!!!

yellow rose Pictures, Images and Photos

Thanks for caring,


Just Pictures....

 Monday, November 3, 2008

Just a couple of pictures to hold you over until I have more time to write! Enjoy!

Chicken on a swing!

Tay LOVED being a chicken for Halloween!

Little Mitch (not his real name must confer with the parents before posting his name)and Tay in their jammies after Halloween.

Just a couple of the many reasons I LOVE USM!!

Little Mitch Straight Chillaxin!!

Trying to get Mitch-3 mos and Tay-22mos to pose for their picture before tailgating. Not easy!

Whoa Mitch where ya going!

Sissy and Drummer at the LSU vs. Georgia Game!

Just us at the LSU vs. Georgia game!


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