One Month to Live...

 Friday, October 31, 2008

I have been going Blog crazy! I start reading one then i click on a link that takes me to another, then another, then another, you get the idea. Well, I was doing that today and came across some one's blog who introduced me to a book that I cannot wait to read. "One Month to Live" by Kerry and Chris Shook. First, let me start by saying that I do not make it a practice to read books that are going to preach to or at me. But, even though this book seems to be a "faith based" book it does not seem to be one of THOSE books. (Man, I just sounded like the devil.) I got to read the first chapter on-line and can honestly say that I cannot wait to read this book and see if I can alter my life or at least the way I interact on a daily basis. No, I do not expect a book to completely change my life but, sometimes I can read something at the exact moment in my life that I need it and "poof" I get it! Hopefully this can lead me to change my thinking or at least begin to see things in a different light and help me live life to its fullest. I think that is what I really want, to start living each day to its fullest! I want to be able to go to bed and know that if I do not wake up in the morning that I let all of the people I love in my life know exactly how much they mean to me and how important they are in my life!
There are very few of us that would actually say, when we are facing our GREAT REWARD (as Paw Paw S likes to say) that there is nothing that we would change. If you are intrigued like I am go to and check it out for yourself! How would you live your life if you knew that you only had "One month to live?"

Oh I am so excited we are going to Homecoming at my Alma Mater this weekend! I will definitely have lots of pics to post after this weekend. One night with Tay and one night without! Now, we just have to wait and see if Tay is going to be the chicken or the fairy with the purple tu-tu and wings. I have a feeling she will have wings, chicken wings! Check back Monday for pics of this weekend! B-I-G-G-O-L-D! Let's Go Big Gold! (We are so going to lose!)


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Writer's Workshop Wednesday.

 Thursday, October 30, 2008

I write because.....

~if I didn't i might explode! I just starting blogging- is that a word?-last month and I am already wondering what did I do to remain sane!

~This is all mine! I am a first time mom and wife with a 22 mos old daughter and feel like I do not have enough that is mine! I am not a typically selfish person but sometimes a girl just needs a little to herself! In here I am not "Tay's mom" or "hubby's wife" or "sissy's sister" or "v & d's daughter" or "k & s's friend" ....Here I am just free to be me!

Forgive me for being so short, but I must work sometime!

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Tator Tot!

 Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I am participating in Wordful Wednesday! I think the idea is to pick one photo but for a first time Mom it is almost impossible! Here are just a few, out of the thousands of pics we have of our little Tater Tot!

I think she was about 2 hours old in this picture! I am not really sure since I was enjoying the wonderful effects of an epidural! LOVED IT!! (The epidural not the actual childbirth...not that CRAZY....Yet!?)
Again, not sure how old she is here, I believe she was around 2 weeks . Sissy could tell me more since I was in a sleepless fog and she took the picture. Notice-the sleeves are rolled on the "premie" half shirt-yes, I did not cover the bellybutton unless absolutely necessary until it fell off. *GROSS*
Tay is around 7 months old here! This was her first trip "down the river!" She actually fell asleep in the boat!
Personally one of my favorite pictures of my two favorite people in the entire world! I cannot even begin to guess how old she was here. Will do research and get back to ya.

This picture was taken last weekend at the pumpkin patch! Tay really liked the small pumpkins!
Click to join in the fun! Or to just peep at what else is out there in BLOG LAND!!


Happy Birthday Sissy!

 Monday, October 27, 2008


Happy Birthday Sissy!
Today is my little sister's Birthday! She is no longer in her twenties! When you say that your little sister is 30 that means that I haven't been in my twenties in several years which makes me feel even older. I hope she has a GREAT day!
We went to Baton Rouge this weekend and went to Death Valley to watch LSU lose! I had fun at the game even though LSU lost! I got more sun during the game then I did all summer! We went out to eat after the game with Sissy and Drummer (her boyfriend) to B.J's Brewhouse! It was good! I wish I could "get into" the Brewhouse thing and try new beers but I just can't stand them. I'll just take a Michelob Ultra Thank you very much!
It is very weird how after being preggers some of my tastes have changed! I use to drink Miller Lite but now I can't stand it! Chick-fil-a is hands down my favorite fast food, Seriously I could eat the #5 eight pack valued sized with a Dr. P. everyday! (I actually did when I worked at Esplanade for that LONG year!), but when I was Preggers, i barely could choke down a nugget! Chicken was just GROSS when I was Preggers! Kraft Mac and Cheese also a personal favorite (probably because it is one of the few things I can "cook"), but couldn't eat it while Preggers either! OOOO but I did LOVE the Halloween Oreo's!!! The ones with the Orange Stuff in the middle! After Halloween was over i tried to eat Oreo's without the orange in the middle and they did not taste the same!!! Anywho.....
I am SO Looking forward to this weekend in H'burg! Obviously watching USM at the football game is not going to be the highlight of the weekend! (USM=not so great f-ball season) I am so glad that K and her boys are going to make it as well! It going to be our first "family" weekend in h'burg, which holds an entire lifetime worth of "anti-family" memories! I am excited to show my daughter (even though she won't remember) where Mommy went to school and where mom and dad met! Hopefully this will become a tradition for us!

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It is priceless.

 Friday, October 24, 2008

Taylor had a Wonderful time at the zoo! Before we got to the petting zoo portion I was a little worried because she did not seem slightly interested in any of the animals except for the "ducks!" (At this point any animal with a beak and wings are ducks! Flamingo=duck, crow=duck, crane=duck!) We looked at the Lions *yawn*, We looked at Tigers *yawn*, We looked at Elephants *yawn*! The exciting part was just around the corner! TADA...the Chickens! The chickens and the goats at the petting part of the zoo were Tay's favorite so far. Well, that was until the chicken pecked her. Tay was looking at them through the mesh and apparently her little fingers were in the chicken coop and the effing chicken pecked her! It scared the piss out of her! After petting EVERY STINKING goat we travelled onward to the carousel.!

We picked an alligator for her to ride, but of course it was Mom who ended up riding on the alligator trying not to throw up while holding onto her daughter who just wanted to get off! I promise to post pics of this! Both sets of g'parents stood outside the ride to take pics of the entire episode. PawPaw S had the right idea to go and get beer instead of watching us go round and round and round! Everytime we passed D she was in a different stage of trying to figure out how to work her camera! "Damn, I forgot to take the lens cap off!" "How do I turn this damn thing on!" "Is this the right button?"
I wish I had a picture of D trying to figure out how to take a picture of us! Classic D!
Anywho...We finally made it to the monkey exhibit and that was were the fun began! Tay loved to watch them run around... and well .....act like monkeys! She thought they were HILARIOUS! They probably reminded her of her daycare class.
Just wanted everyone to have a peek into what our weekend was like at the zoo! P.S. Dada is afraid of the alligator exhibit! Shhhh...

We had such a wonderful day with both sets of g'parents. I hope we do things like this more often. I want my daughter to develop some fond memories of her g'parents. I was not around my g'parents all that much when I was younger so I only have limited memories. I do have some..... Easter on Thomas Street hiding Easter eggs over and over and over......NeeNaw picking us up from school in her Mercedes (how cool were we) listening to the Cosby show on the radio.....Playing amongst the carpet samples in J town......walking to the library in J town(the only thing to do in J town) to check out records......I always heard these stories of g'parents that "spoil" their g'babies by giving them money and stuff everytime they came over, but unfortunately I never got to see this first hand. Is it an urban legend? I hope Tay's g'parents spoil her rotten because that is what g'parents are suppose to do! I know I will regret saying this in the coming years but oh well.....that's life!
Quick story about Tay....Tay will now tell you secrets! She gets really close to you and goes "shahhhahdodh odhd hdohdohdoaassss" in your ear! It is priceless!



 Thursday, October 23, 2008

We made her push it since she wouldn't sit in it!

Hello..? chickens?

Right before the Chicken pecked her!

Isn't she the cutest thing ever?
Yes, they are up side down!


Seale...Seal get it!?

The monkeys were HILARIOUS!!


It was that bad!

This past week has been very eventful! Last Saturday we went with both sets of g'parents to the Audubon Zoo! It was a beautiful day! Everyone had a wonderful time! Who knew they sold beer at the Zoo! That was a wonderful discovery. (Even if it was not very cold!) Sunday we took Tay to pick out a pumpkin. I would say to the pumpkin patch but apparently in every other town, there is a pumpkin patch with hay rides, games, and goats! Huh?
Monday I locked my keys in my car and while the Pop-A-Lock guy was opening the door, Tay took a tumble down the steps onto her head! Yeah don't we just love Mondays!? Later that night Husband and I woke up to food poisoning! I am only going to say "Thank God we have 2 bathrooms" and Tay did not eat what we did! She went to school on Tuesday and husband and I had the day off together in bed, but not in a good way! I was so sick I just wanted to die! I finally could eat today! I might become a vegetarian for a while! It was that bad!

November is going to be a BUSY month for us!
Ok....We are going to Baton Rouge this weekend to watch (cross your fingers) LSU beat Georgia and help Sissy celebrate her 30th B-Day! It should be FUN!
I am so looking forward to next weekend! Not only is it Halloween but we are going to be taking Taylor to H'burg for the first time! It should be lots of fun!
Really must go to bed..Will post more tomorrow! And tell you all about the trip to the zoo!
Thanks for caring,


Have you ever seen a chicken ride a bike?

 Thursday, October 16, 2008

Alright this is definite payback for the three LONG months of colic! I will absolutely make sure every prom date gets a good look at these! Background-We saw this at O.N. last year after Halloween for $5.99, how could we say no!? We did not know that A. she would love it so much and B. that it would fit her.(it is size 6-12 mos-who's baby is that big besides P.M! HA)

"Not so deep thoughts" will return next week, this is WAY better!
Have you ever seen anything quite so cute!?

Look at the smile! She was loving it!!

How cute is she?

Yes, now you have seen a chicken ride a bike!


"Ok I've had enough!"
Check back soon! Lots more pictures to post! We are going to the zoo on Saturday! Should she wear the suit? J/K
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Writer's Workshop Wednesday.

I wish someone had told me...
"Lighten up and stop taking yourself quite so seriously!"

As my daughter is changing every single day I need to sit back and enjoy the now moments! The hardest part for me is to stop constantly worrying about the future and live in the present. And by the future I don't mean when Tay's in college I am talking about 2 hours from now! "What is she gonna wear to bed, Is she going to go right to sleep or is she going to fight us-again-, when will she ever sleep in her own bed, and then this leads to beating my self up for being a lazy mom because I would rather all of us get sleep than fight putting Tay in her own bed. Then I question is it laziness or an excuse because I secretly LOVE having her cuddle with me at night! *SIGH*
Every once in a while I can kinda step outside myself and notice that the times I am laughing the loudest and smiling the biggest are the times that I am truly focused on what is going on directly in front of me and not what is to come later on down the road! The funny thing is the times that I am truly present are the times that I remember the most. When I let my mind wander to my "to do list" then I am not capturing the precious moments that I will remember later on in life! OK..I am done being hard on myself....But I will make an honest effort to be more PRESENT in my everyday life!
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I really wish someone would explain to me how to edit my pics!!

 Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I really have no idea how to get these pictures to all line up, like everyone else in the world seems to know how to do! HELP!!

Balloon Festival!!


I wonder what they will do tomorrow?

 Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I get an hour lunch break everyday. During my lunch break I will either pick up fast food, usually Wendy's because the line at Mcd's is RIDICULOUS, or I make something at home; But I always go home on my lunch break. This in "my time" to catch up on all my TV shows that I DVR! I love my DVR! So today I decide to watch an old episode of Oprah. (a little background- i use to LOVE Oprah, before I had Taylor I Tivoed Oprah everyday and watched it as soon as I could. I just don't have the time and alot of her shows do not interest me anymore, I digress...) So on this particular episode they are talking of ethical and sticky situations....what to do? You know, do you tell your friend that their husband made a pass at you, that kinda stuff. Well, long story short, (too late) a mother was talking about her 12 year old son who is receiving texts from a 12 year old girl who is saying that she loves him and misses him and would like to go to 2nd base with him and that she would even give him a BJ if he wants. WHAT!!! Remember they are 12. OK the crazy thing is that this mother is wondering if she should call the girl's mother or not! ABSO_FUCKING_LUTELY!!!! If my daughter was 12 TWELVE and was talking like this I would hope that out of concern for my child that someone would clue me in as to what was going on under my own nose! What is this world coming to when 12 year olds are texting about BJs?!?!?

~Now that is off my chest...I just want to give a quick update on Taylor...
She has become quite the little helper! Everyday after school her teachers write a little note about how she's doing. Usually it reads "Taylor bit three kids today," or "Taylor swung at the teacher today," or the one she's been getting alot lately "Taylor did not listen well today" ANYWAY....when I picked her up on Friday it said and I quote "Taylor likes to be the boss and in charge!" Well no shit she is my child and she is oldest, what did you expect! If I heard it once I heard it 1 million times growing up "K already has one mother she doesn't need another!" Ha.
So today it read "Taylor loves to help pick up and put things back where they belong, she is a big help to us" WHA, WHA, WHAT? My child picks up...I have no idea where she gets this from!
Taylor has two stuffed animals that must do everything that she does-Elmo and Pooh! Yesterday we were playing with her blocks on the floor and Elmo and Pooh were each sitting on pillows "watching" us play. Well Taylor decided that they also needed to join in the fun and play with the blocks as well. Yes, i have pics and will post them as soon as I download them. Today they got to color with us! I wonder what they will do tomorrow...?
Thanks for caring,


Not so deep thoughts.....

 Friday, October 10, 2008

leaf Pictures, Images and Photos I think on Fridays I am going to do just a small random thoughts posting. I always have these random questions and thoughts that I would like to ask peeps about, but when I actually talk with someone I forget all about them. Shaun has had enough with my random thoughts.

~Do your thoughts wander greatly? I can look outside and look at the trees and then I start thinking about the leaves and wonder if the leaves on this tree are gonna change color, Then I start to wonder what color, if they do. Leaf-reminds me of Leif, a guy I went to STA with and my first Sadie Hawkins Dance. Then I start to think of how TERRIBLE that picture was that we took. (tight rolled white jeans...Yuck) I NEVER WANT TO SEE THAT PIC. AGAIN!! Then I start to think about fun times at STA and I wonder if the kids in HS have as much "innocent" fun as we did in the 90's?. Now I'm hoping that my daughter does not have any of that "innocent" fun when she is in HS! WHEW....All that just by looking at a dang leaf.
~This is something a think about a lot! I wonder if anyone else does......?
I have this strange fascination with 18 wheelers. No. I don't want to drive one or even ride in one, I just want to know what they are hauling. I don't care about the typical freight trucks. I am talking about the ones with the "stuff" all covered in a secret tarp! What is under there? Is it so secretive that is must be covered with a tarp? Or how about the ones that are hauling huge pieces of equipment. Where are they going? and what could this possibly belong to that you would need several 18 wheelers to transport its pieces.

~This brings me to my next topic..How great can your house really be if you are willing to cut it in half and haul it across town, the state, or the country?!

~I am gonna say this and I think I am going to catch flack for this but here goes...There needs to be law stating that when a person reaches 75 years old they must repeat their driving road and written test! (There I said it!) I am not going to go into detail about the situation that happened to me this morning I don't need carpal tunnel syndrome yet; but just trust me on this one....You do not want want to be in J town when g'ma H is on the road!
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Writer's Workshop Wednesday.

 Thursday, October 9, 2008

Today is my first time posting for the Writer's Workshop! Yes, I am a virgin-not for long!
I have LOTS of things that I fear. I have been dubbed Nervous Nelly because I constantly worry about EVERYTHING. Here goes... (In no particular order)

1. I fear losing a loved one in a horrific and tragic way.
2. I fear that I will NEVER get over self-esteem issues steaming from younger years.
3. I fear that I will pass those issues on to my daughter and she will not grow up to be the self assured, confident woman that I know she can be.
4. I fear that I will never realize that I am good enough!
5. I FEAR riding in airplanes. I am a HUGE control freak and I have absolutely ZERO control in a plane and it scares the sh** out of me!
6. I fear being buried alive.
7. I fear being forgotten. I always get lost in the crowd. I guess I need to work on a bigger personality! *shrug*
8. I fear that if D does not stop smoking she will not see T grow up!
9. I fear being too honest with myself.....who knows what I may discover.
10.I fear rejection.

I could have gone into detail regarding each one but I figured I did not want to have a therapy session at work! H might think somethings up if I am crying while typing! (Is that a country song? "Crying while typing" Ha) There, it is out there and I cannot take it back! I hope I did not bring everyone down today with my admissions. But they are very honest and heartfelt. Don't judge too harshly!
Thanks for caring,



She had so much fun...

 Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Or should I say misbehave....

It has been a week since my last entry and I really should have great, brilliant and witty things to say....but i really do not!
Saturday night Shaun and i went across the Lake to a wedding party for one of his many cousins! We had a ton of FUN! Still trying to download some pics. Don't worry to much T, I'll keep the pics PG-13!
This party has cemented for me the fact that I am OLD! I am not gonna go into very much detail because it will only depress me that much more. But when you are in a bar and you are older than most of the patrons by at least 10years it is time to retire! Or when you don't recognize the songs that are playing and your the only one that doesn't know all the words to said song it is time to retire! I know in reality that I am not technically OLD, but there are certain times in everyones life as they are getting older when they look in the "mirror" and see themselves as others see them and not how they feel. I sho did feel like I was 20 again dancing at Jamaica Joe's but in reality I am an almost 32 year old MOM!
We took Taylor to a Birthday party Sunday at one of those indoor play areas. She had a BLAST!! I don't think she even knew that there was a B-Day party going on, but she had fun on the slides! She kept yelling for "KASHE" to come and play with her in the play zone.
Taylor's word of the day is "ready." She has figured out has to put the two syllables together to make the word. She's only said it 9,oo0 times since coming home from school. (ready to go to bed, ready to eat raisins, ready to watch Barney, ready to watch Little Bear-you get the idea).
In case you also have facebook, I am excited to say that we were able to find the tights we needed to complete Taylor's outfit for Halloween. I am not going to say what she will be, you will just have to wait! We are going to be in H'burg for Halloween/Homecoming and we are so excited! It is going to be Tyalor's first time tailgating! It should be VERY interesting! I am apologizing now to everyone because only THE LORD knows how she is gonna behave or should I say misbehave! Ha.

Thanks for caring,


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