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 Friday, October 24, 2008

Taylor had a Wonderful time at the zoo! Before we got to the petting zoo portion I was a little worried because she did not seem slightly interested in any of the animals except for the "ducks!" (At this point any animal with a beak and wings are ducks! Flamingo=duck, crow=duck, crane=duck!) We looked at the Lions *yawn*, We looked at Tigers *yawn*, We looked at Elephants *yawn*! The exciting part was just around the corner! TADA...the Chickens! The chickens and the goats at the petting part of the zoo were Tay's favorite so far. Well, that was until the chicken pecked her. Tay was looking at them through the mesh and apparently her little fingers were in the chicken coop and the effing chicken pecked her! It scared the piss out of her! After petting EVERY STINKING goat we travelled onward to the carousel.!

We picked an alligator for her to ride, but of course it was Mom who ended up riding on the alligator trying not to throw up while holding onto her daughter who just wanted to get off! I promise to post pics of this! Both sets of g'parents stood outside the ride to take pics of the entire episode. PawPaw S had the right idea to go and get beer instead of watching us go round and round and round! Everytime we passed D she was in a different stage of trying to figure out how to work her camera! "Damn, I forgot to take the lens cap off!" "How do I turn this damn thing on!" "Is this the right button?"
I wish I had a picture of D trying to figure out how to take a picture of us! Classic D!
Anywho...We finally made it to the monkey exhibit and that was were the fun began! Tay loved to watch them run around... and well .....act like monkeys! She thought they were HILARIOUS! They probably reminded her of her daycare class.
Just wanted everyone to have a peek into what our weekend was like at the zoo! P.S. Dada is afraid of the alligator exhibit! Shhhh...

We had such a wonderful day with both sets of g'parents. I hope we do things like this more often. I want my daughter to develop some fond memories of her g'parents. I was not around my g'parents all that much when I was younger so I only have limited memories. I do have some..... Easter on Thomas Street hiding Easter eggs over and over and over......NeeNaw picking us up from school in her Mercedes (how cool were we) listening to the Cosby show on the radio.....Playing amongst the carpet samples in J town......walking to the library in J town(the only thing to do in J town) to check out records......I always heard these stories of g'parents that "spoil" their g'babies by giving them money and stuff everytime they came over, but unfortunately I never got to see this first hand. Is it an urban legend? I hope Tay's g'parents spoil her rotten because that is what g'parents are suppose to do! I know I will regret saying this in the coming years but oh well.....that's life!
Quick story about Tay....Tay will now tell you secrets! She gets really close to you and goes "shahhhahdodh odhd hdohdohdoaassss" in your ear! It is priceless!


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