I wonder what they will do tomorrow?

 Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I get an hour lunch break everyday. During my lunch break I will either pick up fast food, usually Wendy's because the line at Mcd's is RIDICULOUS, or I make something at home; But I always go home on my lunch break. This in "my time" to catch up on all my TV shows that I DVR! I love my DVR! So today I decide to watch an old episode of Oprah. (a little background- i use to LOVE Oprah, before I had Taylor I Tivoed Oprah everyday and watched it as soon as I could. I just don't have the time and alot of her shows do not interest me anymore, I digress...) So on this particular episode they are talking of ethical and sticky situations....what to do? You know, do you tell your friend that their husband made a pass at you, that kinda stuff. Well, long story short, (too late) a mother was talking about her 12 year old son who is receiving texts from a 12 year old girl who is saying that she loves him and misses him and would like to go to 2nd base with him and that she would even give him a BJ if he wants. WHAT!!! Remember they are 12. OK the crazy thing is that this mother is wondering if she should call the girl's mother or not! ABSO_FUCKING_LUTELY!!!! If my daughter was 12 TWELVE and was talking like this I would hope that out of concern for my child that someone would clue me in as to what was going on under my own nose! What is this world coming to when 12 year olds are texting about BJs?!?!?

~Now that is off my chest...I just want to give a quick update on Taylor...
She has become quite the little helper! Everyday after school her teachers write a little note about how she's doing. Usually it reads "Taylor bit three kids today," or "Taylor swung at the teacher today," or the one she's been getting alot lately "Taylor did not listen well today" ANYWAY....when I picked her up on Friday it said and I quote "Taylor likes to be the boss and in charge!" Well no shit she is my child and she is oldest, what did you expect! If I heard it once I heard it 1 million times growing up "K already has one mother she doesn't need another!" Ha.
So today it read "Taylor loves to help pick up and put things back where they belong, she is a big help to us" WHA, WHA, WHAT? My child picks up...I have no idea where she gets this from!
Taylor has two stuffed animals that must do everything that she does-Elmo and Pooh! Yesterday we were playing with her blocks on the floor and Elmo and Pooh were each sitting on pillows "watching" us play. Well Taylor decided that they also needed to join in the fun and play with the blocks as well. Yes, i have pics and will post them as soon as I download them. Today they got to color with us! I wonder what they will do tomorrow...?
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