It was that bad!

 Thursday, October 23, 2008

This past week has been very eventful! Last Saturday we went with both sets of g'parents to the Audubon Zoo! It was a beautiful day! Everyone had a wonderful time! Who knew they sold beer at the Zoo! That was a wonderful discovery. (Even if it was not very cold!) Sunday we took Tay to pick out a pumpkin. I would say to the pumpkin patch but apparently in every other town, there is a pumpkin patch with hay rides, games, and goats! Huh?
Monday I locked my keys in my car and while the Pop-A-Lock guy was opening the door, Tay took a tumble down the steps onto her head! Yeah don't we just love Mondays!? Later that night Husband and I woke up to food poisoning! I am only going to say "Thank God we have 2 bathrooms" and Tay did not eat what we did! She went to school on Tuesday and husband and I had the day off together in bed, but not in a good way! I was so sick I just wanted to die! I finally could eat today! I might become a vegetarian for a while! It was that bad!

November is going to be a BUSY month for us!
Ok....We are going to Baton Rouge this weekend to watch (cross your fingers) LSU beat Georgia and help Sissy celebrate her 30th B-Day! It should be FUN!
I am so looking forward to next weekend! Not only is it Halloween but we are going to be taking Taylor to H'burg for the first time! It should be lots of fun!
Really must go to bed..Will post more tomorrow! And tell you all about the trip to the zoo!
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