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 Friday, October 10, 2008

leaf Pictures, Images and Photos I think on Fridays I am going to do just a small random thoughts posting. I always have these random questions and thoughts that I would like to ask peeps about, but when I actually talk with someone I forget all about them. Shaun has had enough with my random thoughts.

~Do your thoughts wander greatly? I can look outside and look at the trees and then I start thinking about the leaves and wonder if the leaves on this tree are gonna change color, Then I start to wonder what color, if they do. Leaf-reminds me of Leif, a guy I went to STA with and my first Sadie Hawkins Dance. Then I start to think of how TERRIBLE that picture was that we took. (tight rolled white jeans...Yuck) I NEVER WANT TO SEE THAT PIC. AGAIN!! Then I start to think about fun times at STA and I wonder if the kids in HS have as much "innocent" fun as we did in the 90's?. Now I'm hoping that my daughter does not have any of that "innocent" fun when she is in HS! WHEW....All that just by looking at a dang leaf.
~This is something a think about a lot! I wonder if anyone else does......?
I have this strange fascination with 18 wheelers. No. I don't want to drive one or even ride in one, I just want to know what they are hauling. I don't care about the typical freight trucks. I am talking about the ones with the "stuff" all covered in a secret tarp! What is under there? Is it so secretive that is must be covered with a tarp? Or how about the ones that are hauling huge pieces of equipment. Where are they going? and what could this possibly belong to that you would need several 18 wheelers to transport its pieces.

~This brings me to my next topic..How great can your house really be if you are willing to cut it in half and haul it across town, the state, or the country?!

~I am gonna say this and I think I am going to catch flack for this but here goes...There needs to be law stating that when a person reaches 75 years old they must repeat their driving road and written test! (There I said it!) I am not going to go into detail about the situation that happened to me this morning I don't need carpal tunnel syndrome yet; but just trust me on this one....You do not want want to be in J town when g'ma H is on the road!
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sherri October 10, 2008 at 6:20 PM  

I love your not so deep thoughts. I love our not so deep and very deep conversations. I love our frienship. I love u and this blog! Thaks for sharing.

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