The one about O turning 18 mos

 Thursday, August 23, 2012

Today my little man turned 18 months old.

He loves to play in the hose with buckets and bowls. He transfers water from one bucket to another. Cutest thing.
The moon is his latest obsession. Every night, if he is still awake, we go outside and check out the moon. The other night he kept trying to "get" the moon. Adorable!
Tay has had her first day of Kindergarten and is now almost done with her first week. Of course starting a new school means being introduced to new people and new germs. And now both Tay and O have a cold. She is almost over hers, but little brother's nose is a snot faucet. Gross!

Of course she has a lalaloopsy backpack! She loves school and already has a best friend, even if she can't remember her name! The only complaint she has about school is that the day is too long.
Completely forgot-
Tay had a severe reaction to a red ant bite this summer. Now we
Carry around an epipen and she is getting daily allergy shots in hopes that she will never have a reaction like that again. Scared the shit out of me. Will save that story for another day.
We are taking Tay to her first Saints game this weekend. She has been begging to go so we decided to bring her to a pre-season game. She is so excited that she tells everyone she sees that she is going to a Saints game!
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 Monday, August 6, 2012

All I seem to be using this blog for is catching up. Oh well...
T has her meet and greet for Kindergarten tomorrow and then testing the next day. I am so excited for her. She is going to have so much FUN!! I hope she makes some great friends.
When I started school I went from K-8 at the same school with most of the same people. I am actually still friends with several of them. Yes, Facebook as helped us stay in touch, but even without it we still have remained friends. The funny thing is if some of us lived in the same town our girls would be starting Kindergarten together this year.

O is growing like a weed and turning into quite a little ham. he loves to flirt with all the ladies at Target. And they love him too! His speech is getting better and better every day.
Pop pop
Tay Tay
Bone (phone)
Shoos (shoes)
Choo-choo (trains)
Dee Dee
Just some of his current words oh, and he LOVES kitty cats. Our neighbors have a cat and O LOVES him. He makes meowing noises and wiggles his fingers like he is petting him every time he sees a cat or a picture of a cat!

One of our many rainy afternoon activities- jumping in puddles.

Spontaneous trip to NOLA and the aquarium.

T cried when we made her wash off her face painting.

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