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 Friday, November 12, 2010

Not sure if anyone is even still reading what I am writing but thought I'd try again. I am now a SAHM-stay at home mom!! My last day at work (outside the home) was a couple of weeks ago and I couldn't be more delighted! But now I have to figure out how to be a SAHM and not let my toddler watch t.v. all day long.

We are now in BR living with Sissy so Hubby could stop commuting and getting home at midnight! Not sure how long we are going to be here. But she has been so generous by letting us fill every corner of her house with our noise and stuff and invade her perfectly content single life with our married with a toddler STUFF!! Hopefully we will be in our own house before the baby is born. (Feb. 28th due date)


Don't ask me what in the world I am going to do with a boy, but I guess I'll figure it out like I did with Tay. Tay's diapers were the first ones I had ever changed, so new baby will get to break me in on the boy side!

Hubby went to Birmingham for training this past week so we tagged along. He actually worked less at training than he does normally, so we got to enjoy some family time together! We went to the Riverchase Galleria, The Summit, ate at California Pizza Kitchen (YUM), 32 Degrees Yogurt Bar, Tay and I frequented the Chik-fil-a, and spent an hour or so at Vulcan Park.

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