Or should I say misbehave....

 Tuesday, October 7, 2008

It has been a week since my last entry and I really should have great, brilliant and witty things to say....but i really do not!
Saturday night Shaun and i went across the Lake to a wedding party for one of his many cousins! We had a ton of FUN! Still trying to download some pics. Don't worry to much T, I'll keep the pics PG-13!
This party has cemented for me the fact that I am OLD! I am not gonna go into very much detail because it will only depress me that much more. But when you are in a bar and you are older than most of the patrons by at least 10years it is time to retire! Or when you don't recognize the songs that are playing and your the only one that doesn't know all the words to said song it is time to retire! I know in reality that I am not technically OLD, but there are certain times in everyones life as they are getting older when they look in the "mirror" and see themselves as others see them and not how they feel. I sho did feel like I was 20 again dancing at Jamaica Joe's but in reality I am an almost 32 year old MOM!
We took Taylor to a Birthday party Sunday at one of those indoor play areas. She had a BLAST!! I don't think she even knew that there was a B-Day party going on, but she had fun on the slides! She kept yelling for "KASHE" to come and play with her in the play zone.
Taylor's word of the day is "ready." She has figured out has to put the two syllables together to make the word. She's only said it 9,oo0 times since coming home from school. (ready to go to bed, ready to eat raisins, ready to watch Barney, ready to watch Little Bear-you get the idea).
In case you also have facebook, I am excited to say that we were able to find the tights we needed to complete Taylor's outfit for Halloween. I am not going to say what she will be, you will just have to wait! We are going to be in H'burg for Halloween/Homecoming and we are so excited! It is going to be Tyalor's first time tailgating! It should be VERY interesting! I am apologizing now to everyone because only THE LORD knows how she is gonna behave or should I say misbehave! Ha.

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