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 Tuesday, November 11, 2008

PhotobucketWow, it has been a VERY long time since I have given y'all an update! This past weekend we went to Baton Rouge to take Tay tailgating for the very first time! She had a BLAST! (Despite the fact that LSU lost!) FYI-Tailgating is a very different experience with a child vs. without a child! We still had lots of fun and took lots of pics which I will post later tonight. (CAUTION: There will be pole dancing) My hubby did a very sweet thing on Saturday night, he stayed home with Tay while I went out with Sissy to see Drummer play in a band! Let me start off by saying that we did not leave the house until after 10 pm. My friends 5 years ago that was the norm but since leaving college and having a baby I am lucky if I can stay awake long enough to watch Brothers and Sisters. (9pm-Sad but oh so true) So I left, A. feeling guilty that my daughter was crying and saying "mama, mama" as I walk out the door and, B. already up past my bedtime so I was a little cranky! My friends K&P came and met us! They are the parents of "Mitch" the cutey patooty with the sunglasses in previous pictures! (Tay's future hubby!) Mitch is 3 mos old and "C" over on the Bestbank had the baby so they had a well deserved night out! I am so glad that I went! My hubby was right! Shh...don't tell him! I did have fun despite myself (or is it in spite of myself ??), but I really wish he could have been there with us! I will definitely post these pics! K& P will kill me, but they are too good not to post!

So now that it is getting colder and the holidays are steadily approaching, I have started making a Birthday/Christmas list for Tay. Her birthday is 10 days before Christmas so what she doesn't get for her B-day she'll get for Christmas! The one bad thing about having her B-day so close to Christmas is the fact that she doesn't have another day throughout the year that she can look forward to a party and presents just for her! And she gets all of her toys at the same time of the year! (Maybe we'll start to do a half birthday with her and go on a special "Taylor" day when she gets older) But she does get to have an EXTRA SPECIAL December! I really am making this list more for myself than for her. No, the presents aren't for me silly! I am making a list so when I see something that I know she would enjoy I can remember to either buy it when the time comes or let someone know that she would like it! Elmo laptop, Fisher Price Little People, Baby Doll with clothes and a bottle-(but no noise, peeing, or pooping, don't need another one to clean up after!) Santa has dropped hints that Tay will be getting her very own table and chairs! Yay!

We have an Elf-on the Shelf and I am debating on whether we should start it this year, or will Tay not understand the "hand off" rules?! HUMMM!?! I also need to try and figure out how to decorate my house on a very small budget! We are going to do Christmas cards with a picture! This is going to be our first year doing Christmas Cards as a family! Yay! I am very excited about doing this but have already prepared myself for the picture to not be everything I imagined it would be. It is not because we will not have a terrific photographer, (thanks Sissy) but my daughter does not sit still, unless Caillou is on the T.V. Then she doesn't even blink! Does anyone else have issues with this whiny kid (Caillou not Tay)? He drives me BONKERS!! But she LOVES him! Everyday when I pick Tay up from day care, (less than 5 mile trip) she mentions Caillou no less than 1 million times! UGH!
Anywhoo...One of my most favorite things about this time of year Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes!!!! I ADORE THESE THINGS!! Shhhh...I have already had 2 boxes of these this season and just opened up another box today during lunch. I have serious issues and they all don't involve Little Debbie! Will post more later. Must get back to work. Sorry I am so random, I am just feeling a little scatterbrained!
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Anonymous,  November 11, 2008 at 6:49 PM  

I love scatterbrains and little debbie cakes.

My daughter's birthday is 5 days before Xmas. Dec is a busy month but she never feels like she got short changed. We always still do something special for just her. Several times that month actually. I never really got the 1/2 birthday thing.

Thanks for sharing!

Rhea November 12, 2008 at 7:32 PM  

I love visiting Baton Rouge. My grandmother and some other family lives there. I used to visit every summer. I even met Mike the Tiger.

Caillou is annoying, I agree.

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