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 Friday, November 14, 2008

Hot Air Balloons Pictures, Images and Photos
Hot Air Balloons Pictures, Images and Photos
Hot Air Balloons Pictures, Images and Photos

(These pics are not from the Balloon Fest. in Baton Rouge, but hey.....I'm doing this at work! SHHHH....)
Today is Friday! I am actually happy with the way my life is going these days! (Did I just say that out loud?!) Now if I just had a cleaning lady, I might even start singing! Ha. Tonight we are going to a fabulous event in The Burg! We get to get all dressed up and drink and dance the night away! Hubby has a tuxedo, no it is not double breasted, or blue! (TeeHee), and I have a wonderful black almost strapless dress! I will definitely take lots of pictures! We (hubby and I)started participating in this event last year because as we get older there seem to be less and less opportunities to get all "done" up" "get our hair did" and party! It is like an adult version of a prom! Without all the "hidden" alcohol and teenage angst! THANK GOD!!

Next week is my Birthday! Yikes! I am going to be 32! For my big 30th birthday I was on bed rest and 9 months preggers. Yippee...I had Trey Yuen (the best Chinese food in the country) and a movie. -"CEL-E-BRATE GOOD TIMES" (roll tide!-that's for big POPPA Mitch)! My 31st birthday I had a very active 11month old and was working retail getting ready for the holiday season! It seems that we never are able to "do" anything for my birthday since it is so close to Turkey Day. This year however, we are going to be heading across the Lake with some peeps from The Burg! It should be fun if not interesting to say the VERY least! ANYWHOO.....

With my B-day coming up I starting thinking of my "Bucket List." No, I don't think that turning 32 is even close to kicking the bucket, but I was just thinking of all that "stuff" I wanna do before I go to my great reward!

~I wanna take a ride in a hot air balloon! I am not sure what the fascination with hot air balloons are all about but I desperately want to take a trip in one! When I was younger my home town use to host an annual Hot Air Balloon Festival (they don't host it anymore :( ) and for a couple of years my mom would wake us up at the ass crack of dawn, excuse me before the ass crack of dawn and drag us out to the local airport and watch the teams of ballooners (is that a word) fill their balloons and race through town. As soon as they took off we would hop in my mom's 280 ZX complete with t-tops--love tha 80's and chase the balloons all over town while she stopped every once in a while to take pictures! I don't really remember much other than that, but as much as I hated getting up so early in the morning, it is one of my fondest memories! Thanks Mom for dragging our sorry asses out of the bed!

I am trying to start the same tradition with my own daughter. In one of my earlier posts I put up some pics of us with Sissy at the Balloon Fest. in Baton Rouge! I just went and checked out the pics! Only 2? I obviously will be posting lots of pics this weekend on this blog! Stay Tuned!!!
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Anonymous,  November 18, 2008 at 2:15 AM  

Beautiful photos.

We've got hot air balloons round these parts too. The kids live to look up in the backyard and see them flying overhead. There's just somethin about hot air balloons huh?

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