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 Friday, May 15, 2009

That is me tooting my own horn.....
A few months back Hubby and I decided to take advantage of the Free Credit thing. We cancelled his the next day. Bastard did not have ANYTHING negative on his report and of course his score was in the mid 700s. Mine….not so much. I have, however, really cleaned it up since college. I admit back in the day I made some mistakes with a couple of credit cards but I did eventually take advantage of some really good pay off offers and got THAT monkey off my back. After paying those off, I have been very careful with credit cards. Okay I admit there were a few times I filled out the applications at sporting events for the free t-shirts and stuff (but I always put down the incorrect information.) Anywhoo, I have always had at least one, just for emergencies. (Mardi Gras hotel rooms, new sofa, nah just kidding; seriously-new tires, groceries to hold us over until payday, etc.) I am pretty diligent about not putting anything on the credit card that A-we do not NEED or B-CANNOT live without!! So far we have done very well in maintaining this lifestyle. Every once in a while we will use the credit card for something that we shouldn’t and we automatically feel guilty afterwards. And pay off as much as we can come the due date.
We have been very responsible adults lately. We turned down a trip to Disney with some really good friends and instead we were able to pay off 3 credit cards with the money we would have spent. I tell myself that Taylor wouldn’t have remembered it anyway. So instead we are going to the beach that is 10 hours closer, going for a shorter trip, and don’t have to buy park passes at 50 bucks a pop. Instead of fighting the crowds, standing in lines and eating overpriced MickeyD’s we get to hang around the pool or the beach and drink margaritas all day!! Doesn’t that sound nice!!

The reason for the entire post was to toot my own horn. On 3/28 my credit score was 596 *blech*, on 04/25-653 *okay*, on 5/15 it had moved on up to 664!! *YIPPEE* I know in the grand scheme of things 664 is not all that high, but in less than 2 months I brought it up 68 points. I really and truly did not believe that this was possible. Any tips on how to get it higher? I don’t have anything delinquent, and we pay our bills on time, so I might just be stuck at 664 for a while!!

I am so excited about a post that I have been working on that is all about little Orville. (Re is going to kill me for calling him this!) If you have no idea who I am talking about go here and read this!

No. 1 I am grateful that we took the responsible road and paid off some credit cards.
No. 2 I am grateful that I have reconnected with some really great friends from High School!
No. 3 I am grateful that this week is FINALLY over! It has gone by way too slowly.

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Becky May 15, 2009 at 9:31 PM  

From I've been told you get points every time you pay something off. So keep up the good work and it will continue to go up! I am proud of you!

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