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 Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Prompts:

1.) Define goodness...joy...sorrow...and anger using pictures you've taken.

2.) Tomorrow I will do it differently. Here's how...

3.)Describe a 'sound' from your childhood. What was it? When did you hear it? What does it bring to mind?

4.) I remember when...

5.) Right now is the best time to start. What's your first step?

I am going to try and do the 'sound' one! The sound that can instantly transport me to my youth is the sound of a train whistle. Anytown U.S.A. where I was born and raised has 3 (I think) railroad lines that run through downtown. These rail ways were developed in 1854 which launched Anytown U.S.A. as a commercial and transport center. (Just a little bit of history for ya.) The train tracks are a huge part of the history and future of our town.
Most of us that grew up in the area have pennies that we have smooshed on the train tracks and have many memories of walking along the tracks. (No, we did not go searching for Ray Brower!!) I remember waving to the men in the caboose. I miss the caboose. Did you know that there are not many cabooses left?
The house I grew up in is very close to the train station and pretty damn close to the tracks as well. (And no we were not on the "other" side of the tracks) After a while I was able to tell which tracks the train was on as well as if it was coming or going. The train could and would ultimately decide if you are going to get where you need on time or late. We knew growing up that if we did not leave the house before 7:30 am there was a good chance you were going to be late for school. Naturally if you were caught by the train it was never the Amtrak it was ALWAYS a cargo train with 1 million cars. Many a morning we would rush to try and "beat the train". If we did get caught by the train we were able to practice reading the graffiti that covered many of the cars. My Dad has memories of jumping on the train and riding it a few towns over. We always talked about doing this....but never did. Hobos ya know!
It was not until I left for college that I figured out that not everyone gets to listen to the sound of the train whistle. I missed it for a very long time. Sometimes late at night, if it was a clear night, and we had left the window open after smoking, I could sometimes hear a train whistle off in the distance and it would make me smile!

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No. 1 I am grateful that I was able to break through my "bloggers block" and give y'all some insight into my background.
No. 2 I am grateful for the letter my Hubby sent to me. (More on that later today.)
No. 3 I am grateful that Jimmy can boil some damn good crawfish!!

Thanks for caring,


Life with Kaishon May 14, 2009 at 9:12 AM  

Oh, I love this post! I remember when our neighbor introduced us to smooshing pennies on train tracks! That was SO exciting!

Deb Thaxton May 14, 2009 at 1:28 PM  

-->Cute blog. Clicked throug from Mama Kat.


Femin Susan May 14, 2009 at 9:27 PM  

This is amazing!! I am so glad to found your blog! Keep up the great posts…..

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