LD Day 8

 Wednesday, May 6, 2009

LD Day8: Love is not jealous-

"Determine to become your spouse's biggest fan and to reject any thoughts of jealousy. To help you set your heart on your spouse and focus on their achievements, take yesterday's list of negative attributes and discreetly burn it. Then share with your spouse how glad you are about a success he or she recently enjoyed."

"How hard was it to destroy the list? What are some positive experiences that you can celebrate in the life of your mate? How can you encourage them toward future successes?"

No. 1 I am grateful that the "bugs" were not back last night.
No. 2 I am grateful that my life is NOTHING like the women on The Real Housewives of New York. (What WAS Simon wearing?)
No. 3 I am grateful that Tay is starting to get the hang of the potty training business.

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