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 Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Prompts:

1.) What is your life's anthem? You know...that song that is ALWAYS in your head. The one you'd go to sing first if someone told you to sing a song right NOW. What is it and what does it mean to you?
(inspired by Tattooed Minivan Mom)

2.) We love telemarketers don't we!?! Describe a memorable experience you had with one.
(inspired by Literal Dan

3.) How much does focusing on weight affect your daily life?
(inspired by Musings Of A Blond Mom)

4.) Describe in what ways you expect too much from your significant other. Do they deserve an apology?
(inspired by Carty Party Of Three)

5.) List ten things that make you HAPPY.
(inspired by our irritation at our own complaining from last weeks "Sick Of" posts.)

6.) Ok I was going to end it with five, but Laina just got out of bed as I was finishing this post and I SWEAR she is sleep walking. It's creepy. I keep asking her what she is doing and she's staring at me...but not directly at me...kind of just a centimeter to the left of my head. I KNEW she was a sleep walker. I just knew it. SO! Share a sleep walking story of your own!!
(inspired by my scary four year old)

#3-I truly did not focus on my weight very much until recently. (Granted I have always been somewhere between a 4 and a 6) All of my friends have had weight issues at one point in their lives or another. I just thought I was the lucky one who did not worry about that kind of stuff UNTIL....I had a baby and everything changed! I gained about 35 lbs while I was preggers and, please don't hate me, did not have a hard time losing the weight. I breastfed for 9 mos and worked retail so I was on my feet 8 plus hours a day, plus pumping. I was very LUCKY and ended up smaller than I was before Taylor. Now....not so much. I am not going to whine too much longer, it is just that I have never felt like this before and not really sure how to handle it. I am not saying that I am FAT by any stretch of the imagination, I am just unhappy about where I am right now and need to take the steps to correct it. Granted with my new job I sit on my ass for 8 hours a day so I am sure this has something to do with it. I think that the treadmill we recently acquired can definitely help point me in the right direction.

#4- I expect a lot out of myself and in turn expect a lot out of my husband. In the beginning I expected Hubby to be the one to take charge of ALL CAR ISSUES. I expected him to be the one to be concerned when I needed more washer fluid, or new wiper blades, or air in my tires. I also expected him to be responsible for everything trash related. Because... well...., honestly...., trash makes me gag, and for a very long time Hubby would put cups in the trash that still had liquid in them that would leak when you took out the trash. When you live in an apartment on the third floor and your feet get dripped on by smelly trash liquid, you get pretty pissed pretty fast. After that I refused to do it. Going back to the car issues I never TOLD hubby that I expected this out of him, I just assumed that because I was raised this way that he would intuitively know that he was SUPPOSE to take care of this. Boy was I wrong. I have since learned that if I expect things out of him I need to communicate to him what those expectations are so as to not set us both up for failure.


1. Flowers for no reason.
2. Clean sheets.
3. My girlfriends.
4. Listening to my Hubby and Taylor talking, whispering, singing, pretty much doing anything.
5. Cards.--Yes, any Hallmark card.
6. Hubby.
7. A fountain Dr. Pepper from Blue Harbor.
8. Finding that shirt/shoes/or whatever that you have had your eye on, just went on sale, they have your size, you have enough money to buy it, and a coupon!
9. My daughter's reaction to me when I pick her up from school--Screaming"MOMMY, MOMMY, MOMMY" as she is running full force into my arms. *sigh*
10.That I will be on vacation with some wonderful people in 18 days!!!

#6 Hubby sleepwalks and talks. At first it was a little creepy, but now it is funny. When we first started living together he would talk and mumble in his sleep. One night he order a "quarter pounder with cheese". He usually just speaks gibberish, but he does laugh out loud a lot in his sleep. Which makes me giggle. What could he possibly be dreaming about that makes him laugh that hard?! Anyhoo...... When we first moved to Orlando we rented an apartment pretty close to Disney. One day I went into the bathroom to get out a face towel and the entire drawer was soaking wet. Naturally I looked up to see if there was a leak from above us. Nope. I looked on the floor to see if it was wet. Nope. I open up the cabinet above the drawer to see if that too was wet. Nope. So I did what any normal person would do, I smelled the washcloth. Yep, you guessed correct, it smelled like pee. So if there are only 2 of us that live in the apartment it makes sense to naturally assume that Hubby was the one to do it. He would not hear of it. He tried to blame me and say that I did it. Which makes perfect sense--I hoisted myself up in the middle of the night to pee in a drawer! We joked about it for a long time but he really does not remember it. I was completely convinced it was him when one Christmas Eve I awoke to find him in the classic man taking a piss stance. Legs spread, one arm overhead bracing the wall, the other hand down around........well you know. The only problem was he was doing it up against our bedroom wall!!! To this day I still worry about him taking a leak randomly in the house! (FYI---He wanted me to say that the it has never been proven that it was him in Orlando!)

I may have gone a little overboard today, but it has been a while since I have been "inspired" to write! Thanks for getting this far.

No. 1 I am grateful that the house I fell in love with is WAY out of our price range. At least I can only dream about it, instead of being disappointed because our house is not ready to go on the market.
No. 2 I am grateful that Hubby wants to learn how to do the laundry.
No. 3 I am grateful for microwave popcorn.

Thanks for caring,
Go visit MamaKat to see what other crazy stuff people do in their sleep.


shaun May 28, 2009 at 11:04 AM  

Good stuff..I like #6 I didn't realize you had started posting ficticous stories..Ha..There is still no evidence against me

Heather May 28, 2009 at 11:32 AM  

Ewwww...what is it with people peeing in drawers?! Apparently Mama Kat did that too. GROSS!!!!

Michelle May 29, 2009 at 8:44 AM  

My favorite was the one where your daughter screams, MOMMY to you when she sees you. I dont work but sometimes I can leave my kiddos in the church nursery for the sermon and they do the same thing. No matter how long you are seperated, it's sweet!

I loved the husband story...bet he did too!

Above me on SITS today...glad to see another fan of Mama Kat.

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