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 Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I am restless.....I have no idea why, maybe it's the weather who knows?! I really want about 6 uninterrupted hours alone in my house! I NEED and finally have the desire to CLEAN out the crap that I have collected over the years! (No Hubby, this does not include any of my books, sorry!)

Anywho...I want to say "hi" to all of my new followers! I have 20!! Who would've thunk it?! I didn't think that anyone other than Hubby, Sissy and occasionally some friends would take the time to see what is going on in our little ole world! Boy was I wrong! It seems that there are at least 20 people out there who are enjoying what I have to say. Either that are they are laughing about what a dope I am. Oh well, whatever floats your boat or blows up your skirt! Even if you are not a follower but spy on us occasionally I want to say "hello and welcome to my chaos!" Please leave comments and let me know you are out there. I know there are members of the R0bi. clan who are reading this right now...yes, i am talking to you! Say hi...let me know you stopped by! If you do not have a blog you can comment anonymously, just leave your name at the bottom if you want me to know it was you. If ya want.

I have so many plans for the up and coming months with the fam and they all involve taking Tay somewhere new to explore. I want us to do a repeat visit to the zoo! But we must go before it gets too HOT! Louisiana summers SUCK! Also, I want to go to the Aquarium and the beach. Tay has never been to either of these places and I think that she will enjoy both of them immensely. I hope to spend some time with Paw Paw and Dee Dee at their camp down the river. She is either going to LOVE riding in the boat or absolutely HATE it! She has been in the boat before but she is able to understand things better this year. I'll let you know how it goes!

Moving on.... If you have not seen "What Dreams May Come" with Robin Williams, Cuba Gooding Jr. and Annabella Sciorra you MUST rent it today! It is one of Hubby and I's favorite!

what dreams may come Pictures, Images and Photos

Plot Summary courtesy of Wikipedia.
After meeting in Switzerland, Chris Nielsen and Annie Collins marry, having two children: Ian (Josh Paddock) and Marie (Jessica Brooks Grant).
Years later, after Ian and Marie are killed in a car accident, Annie becomes mentally unstable and attempts suicide. She is institutionalized, and although the couple nearly divorce as a result, she eventually recovers. However, on the anniversary of the day the couple decided not to divorce (which they call their "Double-D" anniversary) Chris is involved in a car accident, dying a short time later.
Chris awakes in the afterlife, adjusting to his new environment with the guidance of a man named Albert (Cuba Gooding Jr.), whom Chris believes to be his friend and mentor from his medical residency. Both are surprised when a Blue Jacaranda tree appears in Chris's personal section of Heaven, which matches a tree in a new painting of Annie's. Albert indicates the couple are soul mates, receptive to each other's thoughts even after death.
Later, Chris meets a woman named Leona who shows him a children's realm in heaven. Chris recognizes her as Marie, after realizing the location is a diorama she loved in life, and Leona explaining that she took the form of a stewardess because her father once admired a beautiful stewardess.
In parallel to this, Annie, distraught at the loss of her family, takes poison and dies. Albert breaks the news to Chris, whose initial relief that her suffering is over quickly turns to anger when he learns that suicides are sent to hell. Albert claims no judgment has been made against her; it is simply the nature of suicides. This is a reference to Dante's Inferno, where the seventh level of Hell is reserved for sins of violence — including violence against oneself.
Chris is adamant that he will rescue Annie from Hell, despite Albert's insistence that no one has ever succeeded in doing so. Chris is undaunted, and Albert eventually agrees to find Chris a "Tracker" to help find Annie's soul.
Journeying to Hell and encountering hundreds of damned souls (one of which is a cameo by German director Werner Herzog) Chris finds himself recalling memories of his son, Ian. Chris had been disappointed with Ian's underachievement but eventually, after an earnest conversation, told him "if I was going through fucking hell, I'd only want one person in the whole goddamn world by my side." Seeing Albert about to confront a violent group of damned, Chris realizes Albert is actually Ian. Ian explains that he chose to appear as Albert because he was the only person Chris would ever listen to. Ian returns to Heaven, while Chris and the Tracker continue the search.
Arriving at what the Tracker calls their "private deck", Chris finds a field full of the faces of the damned (a further reference to Dante's Inferno). Chris sees Annie's face but as he runs towards her, the ground gives way and he falls into a vast, upturned cathedral. Chris recognizes his and Annie's house at the bottom. The Tracker warns Chris that if he stays with Annie for more than a few minutes, he may become permanently trapped too. The Tracker then reveals that he is Albert, who has been waiting for many years to do Chris a favor.
Chris enters the house to find Annie pale and withdrawn. Chris is unable to make Annie recognize him and decides to "give up," and join Annie forever, even if she will never know who he is. This is the antithesis of his behavior when Annie was institutionalized (which was to ask for a divorce, since he was unable to join in her grief for their children), and enables Annie to recognize Chris and allows the two to escape to heaven.
Chris and Annie are reunited with their children, but Chris suggests being reincarnated, so the pair can experience meeting and falling in love again. The film ends with Chris and Annie meeting as young children, in a rough parallel of their original meeting. The last line is a repetition of the opening line by Chris: "When I was young, I met this beautiful girl by a lake."

(Don't forget to pause the music before you watch the trailers.)

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Mama Dawg March 11, 2009 at 12:13 PM  

I love that movie, too but never knew anyone else that liked it. Thank goodness I'm not the only one!

Oh, and I so totally need some time all by myself just to clean and whatnot. Sigh.....

Sera March 11, 2009 at 11:44 PM  

I haven't seen that movie in years, but I remember really enjoying it. It was so different and well done. I love your blog, and congrats on getting more followers. It's fun to watch the numbers grow. :) We're getting restless around here, too, and ready for the warmer weather so we can go do fun stuff outside!

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