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 Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I just finished lunch with a friend of mine from High School! My senior year in high school there were six of us that were pretty tight, ie...go to bars, get drunk, and party, and we use to call ourselves the six shooters, gay, I know! We all had nicknames Phish, Penny, BeBe, Blondie, Grumpy-that was me-thanks to an unhealthy relationship with a guy whose name rhymes with Bason-, and ???? I cannot for the life of me remember what her nickname was....I'll have to find that pink Koozie, you know I still have it 15 years later, and get back to you!
*Update* So I found it!! I do have to say that at 16 we were so brilliant! Kre was the name we came up with! Good Grief we must have been drunk when we came up with these highly unoriginal names.
Anywhoo....It was so nice to meet with her and catch up!! 1 hour is so not enough time to accomplish this task. She is the type of person that it does not matter how long it has been since you last talked you can always pick back up right where you left off. Or maybe we just have that type of friendship!? Of course we gossiped about all of the people we could while throwing in tid bits about ourselves in between. We were at lunch for 1 hour and 15 minutes and I don't think we stopped talking the entire time. It was way over due! I would like to try and start doing this a little more. Taking a little bit of time once a month to catch up with a friend I have not seen in awhile! It helps to remind you who you were, who you are, and hopefully how far you have grown as a person in that time! If you have not grown any as a person it might be a little difficult to be reminded that you are EXACTLY the same person you were 15 years ago. Sad, but unfortunately we know many a person from good ole STA that have not moved beyond 16 or 17!

Today I dropped Taylor off for her 3rd day at the "new school"! This is what we have named it...I know very original! It was the only thing I could come up with so she could differentiate between the bad old school and the good new school. So the first day we left her wailing, red faced with tears running down the face, and this was just me!! I kid, i kid....It was not a pretty sight for anyone. I could hear her wailing outside. It broke my heart. The owner called about an hour later and let us know that she indeed did stop crying and she was doing really well! I picked her up from school and they let me know that she did really well. She played well with the other kids and even took a nap! The nap is like a litmus test for daycare. Nap=good day, No nap=BAD DAY! Tay didn't stop talking the entire ride home! She already seemed like a different child. Second day, she cried but it was not nearly as bad as the 1st. When I picked her up she even waved bye bye to new school as we drove away! This morning when I dropped her off she did not even cry! What a difference 2 days and a new environment can make!! I am so delighted that we have stumbled upon a new daycare that is going to actually enrich my daughter's life, or at the very least not stick her in a highchair for the entire day! So now I have to fight the urge to let Mommy guilt take over again. I am now beginning to beat myself up as to why I did not pull her out earlier, and how much she would have blossomed in the right environment, etc. UGH.......
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Ashley January 7, 2009 at 11:27 AM  

Ok so can I ask the names of the good and bad day cares??? I'm starting to look, and any advice would be awesome :-)

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