Jealous, No?

 Thursday, July 23, 2009

This morning I got to take a shower with the shower door wide open. My 2.5 year old daughter wanted to read her book with me while I showered. Did she want to go lay in the bed and watch Blues Clues with her dad? NO. Did she want to look at the book by herself so Mommy could shower without freezing to death? NO. The things we do for a little bit of sanity early in the morning.

The past two nights, well 5:30am actually, Hubby has had to come and wake me and get me to come to bed. I am not on the sofa, I am on the floor of my daughter's room. We are trying to get her in her own bed, which as you can tell, is working out really well. As long as Mommy gets in the bed with her and reads 1 million books and Mommy is the only one that soothes her back to sleep when she comes toddeling into our room at 3:30am, then she sleeps in her "big girl bed." Thus, why Hubby has found me curled up in a ball on my daughter's floor using Winnie the Pooh as a pillow and wrapped up in a pink leopard print blanket! I am beginning to think that it is easier to have her in the bed with us! At least I'm in a bed!!

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