It was like our own magical universe.....

 Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Last night I was giving Taylor a bath when a curious thing happened, she decided that she did not like bubbles anymore. Of course she was in a bubble bath so this made the entire event that much more difficult. It was very funny watching her squeal whenever bubbles stayed on her skin too long. But she tried with such determination to get all the bubbles off of her and her many toys. She will probably enjoy the bubbles tonight oh well.....a woman no matter how small always has the right to change her mind! Right?
Do you remember building forts as a child? I do. Kacey and I (when we weren't trying to kill each other) would get all the folding tables (for Pokeno and holidays) my mom had stored in the house as well as every chair and every cushion off of the couch and proceed to make the best fort we could possibly build. It was like our own little magical universe....
I am reminded of this because Taylor is starting to enjoy being under the covers. She mostly hates any covers when she is sleeping, but she is now enjoying sitting straight up covered with a blanket. It is so interesting to watch her take her baby doll, Pablo (from the Backyardigans) and whatever book is handy and disappear under the covers. Every once and a while you see a little hand pop out to reach and grab for something else to bring into her little "blanket world."
I am so enjoying watching her discover new things everyday. She discovered pockets the other day! Of course I had on some old cargo pants so she was in heaven putting her chapstick into all the different pockets. Who knew that something so simple could provide hours of entertainment....pockets *SIDEBAR- She watches mommy constantly put on chapstick so we had to "make" Taylor her own Chapstick. We took an almost empty tube and cleaned it out and now she can put on her chapstick just like Mommy. Monkey See, Monkey Do.

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