Beginning to see the light....

 Tuesday, September 30, 2008

(I am not really sure if anyone else is reading this, but it is ok i am kinda doing this for Me anyway.) STOP THE PRESSES Taylor went to school with a pony tail today!!! I must have taken 400 pictures!! i have no idea how long it stayed in....but she is opening up to the possibility of being a "girl!" YEAH!!! I have also found a halloween costume- for Taylor that is! I was beginning to really worry about it! I put so much pressure on myself to find the cutest, the best costume I could. i am not sure why I do this to myself.... huh? Another day i'll worry about this.
We took her to the swings tonight when Shaun got off of work. She absolutely loves to swing! She starts off smiling and then she just sits there very content. By looking at her you would think that she HATES it, but NOO she is loving every minute of it!
I just want to end this by saying that i am SUPER proud of a particular person in my life. She/He will remain nameless but I just want her/him to know that I am busting with pride for everything you are doing to make this "lifestyle" change. I hope that he/she feels the support that they are receiving from me and will continue to receive forever.
I have been reading a particular blog that SW has turned me onto and i am addicted. I am addicted to the fact that this family lost something so precious to them and yet their Faith in God has completely helped them through this! I am the one questioning "why" and they are comfortable in the fact that He did it for a reason that only HE will know! I want some of that! I want to be able to "turn it all over" to Him! I am not a terribly religious person, but I am beginning to see the light.....

Thanks for caring,
PS. As soon as Shaun downloads the camera I will post pics of Taylor swinging and with the ponytail.


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