Sunday, June 17, 2012

Playing peek-a-boo from inside the fridge.

God has blessed me with the best family in the world. I have loving, caring and supportive parents. My sister is THE BEST aunt and friend I could ask for. My kids, even if they are a handful at times, are my little rays of sunshine. Last but not least my husband, is by far better than I deserve. I am not sure how I snagged such a NICE guy, but I sure am glad I did. I couldn't ask for a better partner for life. While my list of friends continues to dwindle on a yearly basis, the ones I have managed to hang on to are the best people in the world. I have reconnected with some wonderful friends from high school (thanks fb) and rI have had the same best friend for 18 years!! We are polar opposites but I believe that helps to bring us closer.

T graduated from Pre-K last month and is all ready for Kindergarten!

Hoping to continue and up date more often. Not sure if anyone is even reading this, but at least I'll have a "scrapbook" of sorts.

Thanks for caring,

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