Mommy Moment

 Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Do you ever have a moment when something happens and you look outside yourself and realize "damn, I really am a mom/dad." I had one of those moments the other night. Let me set the scene-
One night last week I was trying to get the kids to bed when O decided he was not tired and did not feel that he needed to sleep. So of course I am trying to coax him into sleep while simultanously getting Tay to sleep which was not working.
I took O to the bathroom to get him to sleep. (he loves the sound of running water- so I kick on the fan and turn on the faucet- usually works like a charm.) So as I'm working on O Tay decided that she did not need to be in her bed any longer so she comes to join the party in the bathroom. As we are trying to remain quiet so O would go to sleep Tay starts to entertain herself by trying on my jewelry.
She puts on every piece that I had on my vanity. Long necklaces, short necklaces, rings, and even my watch. As I am watching her do this it hits me that I use to do the exact same thing with my mom's jewelry!
At that moment I had an outer body experience and saw myself as my daughter sees me. I got a glimpse of just how much I mean to her and how much she looks up to me and it scared me. It scared me because in that moment I realized just how much she depends on me and how I hold the keys to her happiness. Let's just hope I don't mess her up to bad!

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