Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Little O is sick! Tay is on spring break. It has rained two of three days this week. I volunteered to do Easter here at my house this year! Yay, for me!
Seriously- I am so thankful that my children have been healthy so far in their lives. It must be so hard and heartbreaking to have a child with a chronic illness.
~Today I tried a craft from Pinterest resulting in an EPIC FAIL. It was so bad that Tay wanted to go watch TV instead of the craft. Oh well- I tweaked it and turned it into something else. Waiting for it to dry. So we shall see.
~We registered Tay for Kindergarten last week. Her birthday is late so she had to wait a year. We received a supplies list and what did I do? I cried! I am gonna embarrass myself and her on her first day.
~O is saying "hi!" to EVERYTHING and everybody! Our next door neighbor's dog barks alot and everytime he barks, O throws up his hand in a wave and says "Hi!" He's getting lots of practice!!
~I have been trying to purge around my house. Notice I said trying! I feel like I throw away one thing, turn around and four more took its place. I definitely need a third party to help me get rid of stuff. But it cannot be my mom she is as bad as I!
~My sister is getting married in a couple of weeks! So excited for her and her future hubby!
~We went to The Kite Festival last weekend! The kids had a BLAST. But it was h.o.t. hot!

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