Dear So and so......

 Friday, July 22, 2011

Dear Carty kids,
I promise you won't miss anything if you close your eyes and go to sleep.
Your very tired mama.

Dear Owen,
How is it possible that a 5 month old can produce so much drool?
Your soaking wet mama.

Dear Owen's teeth,
Just break through already!
current investor in Ora-jel.

Dear Ora-jel Naturals,
Thank you.
A very satisfied customer.

Dear neighbor,
Bet you didn't know that it was me that called the courtesy officer when you went off on your child like that last night? If I have to turn up music so my own children can't hear you through the walls maybe you should take a step back and count to 10. If it happens again I will call the police instead.
A concerned mama.

Dear everyone,
Please pray for this sweet baby and his family.
Go here.
Just another mother.

Thanks for caring,


Cherie July 22, 2011 at 9:32 PM  

Oh, Tripp's story is heartbreaking. It sure does put things in perspective. Do you know Courtney?

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