So long dear friend....

 Thursday, December 23, 2010

We will miss your silent barks.
We will miss how you had to put EVERY toy in your food bowl and then try and eat.
We will miss how you tried to ATTACK every other dog that happen to cross your path.
We will miss that you would try and sneak on the sofa when we weren't home. But you always left your calling card-dog hair.
We will miss you sleeping on the foot of the bed (pre-Tay of course)
We will miss your unwavering love and companionship.
We will miss how you decided that there were certain people that you could not and would not like, no matter what.
We will miss the fact that you were our first dog together.
We will miss that you loved to play outside. (for all of 5 minutes before you wanted to go inside for the AC)
We will miss our grumpy old man!!

We had to say goodbye to our first Baby, Bowden, this morning. He was approximately 12+ years. We actually adopted him when we were living in Orlando from a co-worker of mine. Her son came home from college with a 70lb lab. They were living in a 2 bedroom apartment that did not allow animals. So.....we gladly took a fully potty trained, non-puppy into our lives. He has been by our side ever since. He has moved with us to countless apartments, numerous rental houses, and finally into our own home. He was patiently waiting for us when we brought our first born into our lives. (Honestly- at the beginning when Tay was colicky he would go sleep in another part of the house.-I don't blame him!) We were blessed that he came into our lives when he did, we are just sorry to see him go. Would have loved for our newest one to have met him.

Explaining to my four year old daughter that her puppy would not be there when she woke up the next morning, was not anything either of us wanted to do. I sat her down and explained to her that the angels where going to come while we were sleeping and take Bowden to heaven. There he would be able to run, jump, and play like he use to. (During his last days he could not move any of his legs) She wanted to know if the angels were going to make Bowden better and then bring him back so she could play with him. I had to tell her that "No the angels weren't bring him back but he was going to get his angel wings and stay with them." She wrote a note for the angels telling them how to take care of her puppy! Tears were free flowing from this mama! I think her heart breaking hurt the most out of all of this!

As we woke up this morning the first thing she asked was if the angels came last night. I explained that indeed they had. She got up and had "to go check on something" She went to go and make sure that the angels had not forgotten to take her note about Bowden!

*sigh* Ready for Christmas to get better!!

Thanks for caring,



Cherie December 23, 2010 at 10:17 PM  

I'm crying for you guys. Our dog looks just like Boden. {{{hugs}}} again.

Carrin January 3, 2011 at 11:52 AM  

So sorry to hear about your loss. It sounds like you handled that conversation perfectly so that Tay would understand.
I never understood the attachment people had to their pets until I got my first dog. 2 dogs and a cat later I completely get it. They come into our lives and love us and let us love them without condition.
It sounds like you had a very good companion in Bowden!

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